New York Street Style: NYFW Fall 2016 Recap - Cold Open

NYFW Fall 2016 Recap

Fashion doesn't stop for anything - Not even for subzero weather. Today armed with my camera, my trusty beanie, two pairs of socks, gloves, and what could be classified as a "What is morality anyway?" attitude, I braved the cold to bring you pictures from outside the hottest shows of NYFW. 

So what do New York's most fashionable show goers wear when it feels like we're standing in the arctic circle? Fur of course. The streets of New York were littered in fur of every color, shape, style, and detail. Which just goes to show, if you're going to freeze, it's best to do it in style. What looks are your favorite? Let me know below or on Facebook and Twitter.  

NYFW Fall 2016 Street Style
NYFW Fall 2016 Recap - Dior Shoes
NYFW Fall 2016 Recap Fur
NYFW Fall 2016 Recap
NYFW Fall 2016 Street Style Recap