This App Will Change The Way You Lunch in Philly

If you’re anything like me, the likelihood of you actually "packing your lunch for tomorrow" is abysmally low. And that’s fine! Chances are you’ve worked a long day, tomorrow will also be a long day, and you are probably hungry for more than a plain turkey sandwich with lite mayo. On the other hand, going out to eat every day is also not an ideal situation. The lines, the selection and of course the building cost of your sushi addiction. So what do you do, when you’re stuck between a plain turkey sandwich and the long lines at your sushi dealer? You join MealPal.

If you’re following my Instagram Story, you’ve noticed that two weeks ago I gramed a TON of incredible food. That was thanks to the lovely folks at MealPal, who threw a rager of a launch party. The food I Boomeranged was only a small sampling of what MealPal has to offer. But I'm getting ahead of myself - here's how this game changer of an app works. 

After downloading the app and signing up, every day from 5pm - 9:30am (the day before to the day of) you get to select lunch from the hottest spots in Philly like Revolution Taco, The Milkhouse, Oishii Poke (hello Sushi Burritos!) and literally hundreds more. Each restaurant in the network offers one meal per day, but you have hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Once you select your meal, you will select a 15-minute time-frame for when you will actually go and pick up the meal. When you go to pick up the meal, you skip the line and tell the restaurant you are there to pick up your MealPal -- they may ask for your name or the confirmation email. There is no transaction between the customer and restaurant (no tips required).

Best part, MealPal is under $6 a meal. Yeah, you read that right, instead of dropping $10 to $15 dollars on lunch at your favorite but pricey taco joint, you'll spend under $6 a meal - no matter what. With MealPal, you get to try new cuisines and accumulate new favorites all while saving money at the same time. But here’s the catch, MealPal is invite-only, but since you’re Lifestoned Adventures Reader, you get first dibs at signing up. Use this link to get started and don’t worry about not packing a lunch or standing in line ever again.

If you signed up, comment below and let me know your favorite lunch spot! I'd love to compare notes.