Let's Get Going Episode 1: Spring For The Good Stuff

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Happy hump day everyone! And if you're in the city of Philadelphia, chances are, you're waiting for the clock to strike 5 so you can get your Sips on. For out of towners, Sips is a Center City Wide Happy Hour deal with $5 Cocktails, $4 Wine, $3 beer, and 1/2 off appetizers. It's also the perfect opportunity for you to try out different restaurants, food, and beer. But, before you head out to your beer garden of choice today, turn on the very first episode of Lifestoned Adventures fashion, lifestyle and culture podcast Let's Get Going. The very first episode is all about a beverage that is near and dear to the hearts of warm-blooded Americans everywhere - Beer. I'm joined by Max Greenhall, a graphic designer, friend, and beer enthusiast, to chat about how to talk about beer, what to look for in a beer, and how to step out of your beer comfort zone.

So crack open this podcast with your favorite beer and enjoy both responsibly. 

Show Notes & Blurbs: 

Fun Drinking Game: Take a swig every time I say "Like" 

The Beers We Drank (And You Should Too)

Max's List of Awesome Local Breweries
Crime and Punishment
Philadelphia Beer Co'
Dock Street
Tired Hands
Neshaminy Creek
2nd Story Brewery

Max's List of Awesome Places To Try Beer in Philly
Standard Tap
Memphis Taproom
Tria Taproom
Kyber Pass Pub


Big thank you to Max Greenhall once again for the amazing beer and even bigger shout out to Tired Hands. They didn't reach out to us, all of the beer was purchased by Max, but we love their beer so much that we pretty much had to do the whole episode about them. 

Thank you so much for listening. If you're interested in being on the podcast please (pretty please) feel free to contact me at contact@lifestonedadventures.com. If you have any pressing fashion, life, or food questions tweet them my way @Sola_Eclipse