11 Philly Food Instagrams You Need To Follow Right Now

Welcome to a very special, very new section of Lifestoned Adventures! So slip into something comfortable, take a seat, and get ready to feast your eyes on some mouth-watering food and drinks. For this, the inaugural Lifestoned Adventures: Food & Drink post, I plan on hitting the ground running. I'm going to combine two of every millennial foodie's favorite things into one moderately sized listicle. 

Here's a list of Philly restaurants you need in your life and on your Instagram feed. 

1. Rex 1516

No stranger to this blog, Rex 1516’s Instagram is just as scrumptious as everything
on their southern-inspired menu. Follow to stay up to date on their citywide burger specials.

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2. Vedge

This pick shouldn’t be a shock to all of you Philly vegans and vegetarians out there.
Aptly named, Vedge’s menu and Instagram are all about spotlighting the diversity of
preparing vegetables. And they do it with precision and grace. Follow for beautiful
food photography. 

From our new "pick 3" happy hour menu M-F 5-7

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3. Jamonera

Making food-related memories is easy at the Spanish spot for tapas, large plates, and charcuterie.
Follow Jamonera for drool-worthy pictures of fava toast nestled on the tables of this excellently
decorated restaurant.

4. Cheu Noodle Bar

Noodles? Check. Booze? Check. A menu that will literally make your eyes roll back in your head
in pleasure? Check. If you haven’t been to this graffiti-covered hip ramen bar yet, you really need
to close your laptop, grab your keys, and get going. Follow for a reminder that you could use more
ramen in your life.

Hand Torn Sunday's: Mapo Tofu style. Little spicy...but real nice. 5pm kick off. #handtornsundays

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5. Bud & Marilyn's 

Bud & Marilyn’s has a menu that screams American hospitality. If you're looking for a hearty,
excellently prepared, home-cooked meal, start making your reservations now. Follow for
glam shots of the brunch you’ve been dreaming of for your entire adult life. 

Options and decisions #pupuplatter

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6. Double Knot

If you’re a lover of coffee and Izakaya, then allow me to introduce you to the culinary love of your life.
Double Knot is a charming coffee shop with the best of both worlds: caffeine and expertly made
boozy drinks and food. Follow Double Knot for coffee and food porn.

It's the weekend. We're fired up.

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7. High Street on Market

High Street on Market makes fine dining approachable for every kind of restaurant goer.
Follow for incredible shots of Old City and the food making process.

Finally our outdoor cafe is getting some play! Repost @agentphl Thanks for your support and photo!

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8. V Street

Vegan goodness served from a cozy street food bar, V Street is for the bold, adventurous, and
surprisingly for vegans and non-vegans alike. Follow for cool people eating amazing food. 

9. Wedge & Fig

For those of you who wouldn’t give up cheese if God herself asked you to, I have no doubts
that BYO cheese bistro Wedge & Fig is the spot for you. Follow to feast your eyes on the
best-looking sandwiches around.

10. Pizza Brain

You didn’t think I would make this list without including Pizza Brain did you? This pizza joint doesn’t
just make incredible artisan pizza, it also reps it...hard. Pizza Brain has the world’s largest collection
of pizza memorabilia that you need to see to fully believe. Follow for pizza pics and memes.

11. Amada

Last but the farthest from least, we have Amada, Iron Chef Jose Garces modern spin on classic Spanish tapas.
ow also available in New York, Amada’s menu is vast and deliciously diverse. Follow Amada for the latest and
greatest news and offers.

That's all she wrote! Did I miss your favorite Philly food Instagram? Let me know below or on  Twitter.  Till then, happy eatings. 

Hungry for more? Stay Tuned!