You're Thrifting Wrong featuring Mary Jane's Closet

Thrifting, or vintage clothes shopping, is a skill that I both learned and honed in Philadelphia. Philly is a great thrifting city with so many options it can almost be a little overwhelming. So, it's a little bit shocking that I am just getting around to talking about it. However, the wait is more than worth it. On Lifestoned Adventures, I try to share unique Philly-based things. Or if you're from around the area - "Cool jawns". Well, I have the coolest, most vintage, jawn to share with you. Mary Jane's Closet, a black female owned, Philly-based, brand is going to change the way you thrift forever. Because if you're not shopping at Mary Jane's Closet, you're thrifting wrong.


Everything Old is New Again

Mary Jane's Closet is the brainchild of Jasmine Anderson, a Philly-based entrepreneur, event planner, and all around girl boss. She came up with the idea of MJC her senior year in high school (2011). With the help of a few friends who helped her come up with the name, Jasmine created a vision and launched Mary Jane's Closet her freshman year of college in February 2012. 

Mary Jane's Closet is inspired by the need to be frugal but the determination to be stylish and trendy. Through mixing at matching, Jasmine was able to take what she saw in blogs and magazines and curate her own style, and eventually the MJC style as well. And that style is rooted in what makes thrifting so damn great. The best part of thrifting is that you come face-to-face with how much fashion repeats itself. Vintage pieces are always a great fashion choice because they NEVER go out of style. As Jasmine continued to shop and create looks for MJC, she realized how some contemporary fashion is so similar, if not the exact same as vintage styles. She keeps this in mind everytime she updates her website with new items, 


How MJC Works

You know that 2-hour span of time you take to rifle through a rack of vintage clothes just to find one ironic T-Shirt and one cool sweater. Well, it's time for you to get your time back. Mary Jane's Closet is an online e-commerce website that does that hard work for you. Each item on the site is a deliberate, curated choice that cuts out the long quest for vintage clothes. Jasmine finds the hidden treasures and items that no fashion lover and thrifter could so without and puts them up on Mary Jane's Closet for you to drool over and eventually buy. Did I mention that MJC also has amazing prices? Oh, I didn't? Let me restate that then. Although Mary Jane's Closet doesn't follow the traditional thrifting model, you still get to take advantage of the traditional thrifting prices. Currently, there's nothing on the site that's above $16 and MJC has everything from sweaters, Ts, accessories, and more. 

Let's Get Going 

Like I mentioned before, Jasmine is the ultimate busy Girl Boss and has a lot of cool projects in the works. Mary Jane's Closet is having it's very first event of the year.  MJC's first event of the year, An Evening of Ecstasy will take place Valentine's Day on Friday February 12 at 7PM at the Urban Art Gallery. She is also in the process of launching two new projects: LinkUp215 and GPS Agency. LinkUp215 is an entertainment platform featuring the latest up and coming artists, entrepreneurs and events. GPS Agency, Grace, Poise and Style abbreviated, is a modeling agency providing models for photo, video, hosting and other opportunities. You can follow @LinkUp215 and @GPSModels on Twitter and Instagram to check them out!

Are you an expert thrifter? What's your favorite item from the thrift store? Let me know below or on Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks to Jasmine for taking the time to organize this shoot. I took all the pictures featured and my lovely model for this shoot is Fabiola - go check her out on Instagram


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