Women In Photography: Sola Onitiri

March is coming to an end but I am not done giving my fellow lady photographers a shout out. I am happy to say that I’m extending this series into April, which will already be a very photo heavy editorial month on Lifestoned Adventures. Today, I’m sharing my very own pictures and thoughts on photography, visual storytelling in urban environments, and how women inspire me to be a better photographer. If you haven’t seen the other parts of this series bop on over to Bonnie and Rachel’s posts on Women In Photography.  

I usually regret not bringing my camera. I’m not sure when this started but now this is always the case. Every street and every person I cross is either a great or missed opportunity to capture a slice of realism that is based on the environment that surrounds my subjects.  I’m a photographer. It’s weird to refer to myself like that because up until now I would consider myself a blogger who just happens to also be photo enthusiast. Being able to share my thoughts and interests through pictures and words has changed the way I interact with the world immensely, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A good deal of my work happens on the streets of urban cities and in the halls of museums. Two places where I find the most inspiration. I love capturing people interacting with the world around them. And the best part of this is, I get something different each time. In the halls of museums I see confusion cross over a man’s face as he see’s a Duchamp for the first time. On the streets of Old City I find a girl who’s sundress matches her warm personality.

So my subjects aren’t lithe white youth draped over  floral couches with  cigarettes between their graceful fingers or beautiful brown vixens stretched on a roof of a high rise in their finest Supreme brand underwear. My subjects aren’t that, unless of course, they want to be.

When it comes to my work, the first thing that matters to me is agency. I try to live my truth and I encourage my models and subjects to do the same. I’m constantly telling them “Dress in something that’s the most you,” “Be you.” “Do you.” “Live your truth”. My job is to try and capture their essence and their stories to the best of my ability.

Working and living in Philly, I have the honor of being surrounded by a group of women who are also trying to share a point of view that’s widely ignored by a market that’s saturated with pictures of thin, straight, predominately white women. These women, these artist are groundbreaking and world-changing and my work wouldn’t be what it is without them. My museum pictures are from a series I did a few years ago called Starry Eyed Art Lovers, the portraits shared are from my senior project Queer and my ongoing project QPOC interviews, and one of my favorite street style pictures. 

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts below. Are you a women in photography? Send me an email with a link to your Instagram, I'd love to feature you! 

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