What To Wear This Winter

By: Stella Fredrickson

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Fall is in full swing, and before we know it, we'll be smack in the thick of winter. It won’t be too long before we’re piling on the lip balm and donning gloves everywhere we go—and it’s best to be prepared for Old Man Winter when he arrives. He’s known to be quite the nuisance! Many people might be dreading the onset of frigid temperatures, but I’m here to offer you some solace. Just think about all the fun winter fashion we get to wear!

Winter lets us stomp around in stylish boots, accent our outfits with quirky hats, and we even get to choose from a closet of coats to top it all off. If you’re feeling down about the fact that winter is coming, remember that the fashion makes it all worth it! With that being said, it’s about time to be prepping your closet so that you’re not stuck on a freezing day with nothing to wear. That’s where I come in. Below, I’ve compiled some of the most stylish and functional pieces you should have in your wardrobe this winter. Ready to bundle up?

Shearling 2.0 

Shearling coats have been around for decades, but this season designers are kicking things up a notch. Enter Shearling 2.0. With a modern twist on the classic furry staples of the '60s and '70s, the shearling jackets of today span a wide range of styles to fit every type of fashionista. Pick up a long coat, a bomber-style one, or even a full-on fur shearling coat as seen on Blonde Salad, and you’ll be cozied up in style. 

Beanies for Days

Keeping your head warm is like Winter Fashion Rule #1. Without your ears covered, you can easily get the unshakable shivers. Luckily, there are tons of beanies on the market that will have you covered. The key is to have a variety of beanies in your style arsenal to match every kind of winter outfit. The selection from Canada Goose on Lyst has a variety for you to scroll through and find the perfect way to keep your head warm. 

Over-the-Knee Boots

When it’s time to upgrade your boot collection, look no further than the bold and flattering thigh-high boot trend. Just see how they’re styled on POPSUGAR with their suggestion that they can be casual if you tuck in some skinny jeans and stick with a flat/low sole. Heels aren’t exactly practical in the snow! 

Turtleneck Layers

If you want to give your spaghetti strap and strapless dresses new lives in the winter time, I have great news for you. A new trend has emerged from the '90s that involves layering turtlenecks underneath dresses. It’s the easiest way to make a summer piece winter-worthy, and the result looks surprisingly chic. For some inspiration, WhoWhatWear gathered some great turtleneck-and-dress combos for you to sift through.

In collaboration with Stacy Jameson

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