Three Ways Your Horoscope is Ruining Your Life

Ever have a few weeks where it feels like nothing's going your way? Maybe a friendly text message was interpreted as a little too friendly or you sent your boss an email that was meant for your best friend. Well, look nowhere else but up, because the planets have a message for you. Believers and non-believer alike can learn a few things from the heavenly bodies above. Take my word for it, as a very fiery Aries, sometimes my horoscope ruins my life. Here's what you need to know

Mercury in Retrograde


Mercury is the planet of communication and when it retrogrades all types of things go on the fritz. So even if you think the planets and stars have no effect on you, I would highly recommend you backup your computer files, triple check your emails, and avoid signing any contracts. This communication themed astrological event is the perfect time to think about what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. So hit the deck, because Mercury is currently in retrograde until January 25th.

Venus in Retrograde

Every 18 months Venus, much like Mercury, decides to make a little U turn and this detour is all about love. When Venus is in retrograde your love life tends to get a little bit more dramatic. I’m talking about some Bridget Jones Diary amount of cookiness. While Venus is in retrograde, align your chi and really think about the past, present, and future state of your love life. Reflect on the person you are and take that knowledge to find or strengthen the relationship that will make you happy and fulfilled. Venus has no retrograde in 2016, but that doesn't mean love isn't in your cards this year. 


Sign Compatibility

Horoscope sign compatibility is more than just a fun read at the back of the latest issue of Cosmo magazine. Although it is an important romantic indicator, sign compatibility is just as important in friendships, work relationships, and family dynamics. So next time your boss is rubbing you the wrong way, ask for their sign. Chances are they maybe a sign that doesn’t agree with your own. Empathize with this difference and find ways to meet them where they’re at.

What's your horoscope sign? What has your horoscope done for you lately? Why is Mercury such an SOB? Comment below or on Twitter and Facebook!