The Weird Weather Shuffle: What To Wear When The Weather is Hot & Cold

This weekend I got the first taste of spring and I’m hungry for more. I long for pastel pinks, wool coats, and heels that aren’t chunky and black. I’m thirsty for Philly street fairs and outdoor movie festivals. And most importantly, I’m so freakin’ tired of my winter coat. But (unfortunately) I must remain tethered to reality because even though I’m done with winter, chances are winter is not done with me. This is that time of year when the weather goes from beautiful countryside meadow weather to frosty, bitter, Gangs of New York weather.

And it seems like no one really knows what to do when it comes to dressing weather appropriate. Some people are bundled to the forehead in their Lenny Kravitz scarves while others are decked out in flip flops and tank tops like they’re heading to see Diplo for spring break. Saddest part about both of those looks? They’re both completely wrong. Preparing for The Weird Weather shuffle isn’t easy - so here are a few hacks that will help you rise to the cream of the crop during this trying time before spring.

Removable Layers

If you haven’t noticed from some of my other fashion tips, I’m a huge fan of layering. My love of layering bloomed from the need to not freeze to death on the streets of Philadelphia when I had to walk to an 8 am class. That being said, winter layering and WWS layering (Weird Weather Shuffle) are not the same things. Winter layering is all about keeping your warmest clothes closest to your neck and chest so that you keep in the most heat. Under no circumstances are you removing any of the first two or three layers, because that would defeat the purpose. WWS layering is kind of like stripping - you’re putting on clothes, just to take them off. Removable layers like loose fitting cable knit cardigans, kimonos, and sleeveless button ups are perfect for handling a mix of weird weather.

The Overcoat

Raise your hand if you’re sick of being trapped under your winter coat. Although they provide ultimate warmth, I can’t help but feel that my winter coat is cramping my style. So now that the weather is taking a turn for the warmer, It’s time to keep an eye out for the perfect overcoat. Perhaps the best part of warm, but not too warm weather is being able to rock a coat that’s straight out of your favorite vintage film. When it comes to buying a WWS coat go with 100% Wool. It’s light enough for the warmer parts of the day but it’s no pushover in the cold either. It is naturally water resistant, thanks to the lanolin it contain and is an excellent insulator. Remember to buy a full sleeve coat with buttons for the windy Philly streets. Best overcoat colors: Camel, Silver, Navy, and Forest Green.

Break Up The Black

I know what you’re thinking. “Give up black? Over my dead body Sola, you’ll have to pry my black clothes from my cold dead fingers.” And I get it, trust me I do. So I’m not recommending you go cold turkey buuut I am recommending that you incorporate a few new colors into the mix. Adding a spring splash of color will break up the normal winter all black aesthetic and give it a fresh breath of life. Pick one article of clothing and opt for a different color - even if the color is just slightly not as dark. A great hack for this is buying one layer that is a pop of color like a scarf or a jacket. This way you can transition from all black to a pop of color all day long.

The Go Bag

All of my life my mom has constantly bugged me about making sure that I had a sweater on hand. If I didn’t she would reach into what seemed like a never ending Mary Poppins bag and pull out a cashmere cardigan, a shawl, and the occasional small jacket. My mom’s go bag game has always been on point and I’m now at the age where I can fully appreciate it. I’m going to write about the importance of a good go-bag in the future but this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it. It’s important to note that everyone’s go-bag looks a little different but there are some universal truths about go-bags. One of which is the size; Your go bag should be big enough to fit at least one removable layer with ease. Sometimes you have to ditch your scarf of cardigan in the middle of a warm afternoon. A go bag frees up your hands and insures that your layers are right near you if you need them for later on in the day.

Shoe Smarts

When it comes to shoes look into your soul to find the sole (Queue laugh track). You don’t want to throw your winter shoes in storage just yet but I am formally giving you permission to go shopping for some new pairs. Just in case it snows and the Philly streets are nowhere near plowed, find a pair of shoes with ridges in the soles for traction. If the snow is manageable, give the Hunter Boots a rest for a Chelsea boot or an oxford flat. But remember thick soles with ridges are the best soles. Also, make sure you buy a shoe with room for thick decorative socks. Socks are a great way to mix your pop of color into the fold while staying warm.

Overcoming the Weird Weather Shuffle

Are you ready to give up your Lenny Kravitz sized scarf? Let me know below! And don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more pics! 



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