The Ultimate Guide To Self-Care (Because You're Worth It)

As the temperature drops and our bodies adjust to prevent what is probably an inevitable winter cold, it is a literal miracle that any of us manage to part from the warmth and comfort of our beautiful, beautiful beds. So before I even get started with this guide, I want to give you a high-five for even leaving your bed today. Because that sh%t is difficult and seasonal depression is too real. For those of you who don't know, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, or for some people  summertime sadness, is a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time every year.

If you're anything like me, cold snowy weather takes a toll on my body and my mind. So if you are reading this from your bed, good for you! I mean it, you're three steps ahead of me. With the help of some furry friends that you ought to emulate, I have a few tips and tricks on how to utilize your downtime for the ultimate relaxation session. Take these rules and make them your own, after all, It's called "Me" time for a reason.

1. Leave Guilt Outside in The Cold

If there is one thing that I've learned since taking the plunge into the big girl pool that is adulthood, it's that I should never feel bad about taking the time to look after numero uno. We are often taught that guilt-free relaxation is some sort hippie term for laziness. Well, guess what? It is not. Exercise your God given right to a work-life balance and take a guilt-free rest. So if you feel like staying in bed all day, not checking your email, and eat flaming hot Cheetos while watching Gilmore Girls, I have two words for you: DO IT. 

2. Squad Up or Squad Down 

This step is completely dependent on where you fall on the introvert to extrovert scale. Fellow extroverted introverts, sometimes you just need to charge your batteries alone so you can rejoin the group. Extroverts, a treat yo' self day isn't complete without your best friends right next to you. No matter which you pick, just remember to pick the option with little to no stress. So make sure not to invite your overachieving Instagram fitness model friend with a ton of romantic problems. 

3. Comfort Chic

It's no secret that my feelings about sweatpants are a little intense. However, there's nothing like a great pair of sweatpants for those few hours that your maxing and relaxing at home. So grab those sweatpants you've had for ages and a big fluffy robe and settle into the couch like you're trying to make an imprint of your body on the cushions. 

4. The Snack ATTACK 


The best self care days involve a little planning. So before you plunge right into your day of guilt-free R&R, make a list of all the snacks that you want to be in arms length of you. Here's my list: popcorn (Extra butter, I'm not messing around with that healthy garbage), chips and salsa (Guacomole if I'm feeling like a baller), pretty much anything that comes in a pint and has the names Ben and Jerry written on them,  and lastly Oreos to dip in my peanut butter while I talk about Leonardo Dicaprio. 

5. Wine About It

Come on, that bottle of wine is not going to drink itself while you watch Pride and Prejudice for the 15th time. And treat yourself to the good stuff, because nothing pairs better with extra buttery popcorn than a 2009 Chardonnay. Pro Tip: Don't drink all of it and snap chat an ex - that is the opposite of self-care. 

6. Pick a SelF-Care Activity 

Whether it's cracking open that Gillian Flynn book that you left in your travel bag from your last vacation or watching every season of every Star Trek series ever made. Pick something that you enjoy doing or that doesn't tyically make your normal hectic to-do list. I for one, am in the process of stepping my skin care game up, so whenever I take a self-care day, I always try my hand at some sort of DIY face mask. 

7. Catch up on some Zs 

At the end of the day, it's all about catching up on sleep. Although you might be tempted to stay up all night long. Make sure you get the kind of sleep you wouldn't normally get and don't forget to drink some water in between those cups of wine. 

What do your self-care days looks like? Tell me about them below or on Facebook and Twitter.

If you are struggling with seasonal depression or depression never feel guilty about asking for help. This list can only take you so far so speak to your friends, family, and healthcare provider about the best treatment for you. Remember, you are worth all of the happiness in the world! 


Lessons Learned