The Go-Bag: Everything You'll Need to Survive the Apocalypse or a Line at The DMV

I wasn’t a Girl Scout for very long, but the one thing that really stuck with me besides my love of thin mints is the Girl Scouts motto: “Always be prepared”. If you’re no stranger to this Philly-based hot mess of a blog, you know that my style tips always involve being prepared. So today I’m going to give you folks a curated peek into my bag of tricks. Curated being the operative word here because if you saw my real purse you would wonder why I have more snacks and coffee receipts than anything else. So I’m going to give you the breakdown of what my day purse ought to look like and why you should have hot sauce in your bag (swag).

1. Mini perfume

If you’re out all day but need a little fragrance refresher, you’re going to need one of these little guys. It won’t take up a lot of room in your bag and unlike larger perfumes there’s no chance this will make your bag smell like the perfume department of Macy’s.

2. Lipsticks & Lipstains

I have about four different colors of lipstick in every purse I own at all times. It’s ridiculous but what can I say, I’m just living my truth. Anyway here’s the ultimate life hack alert: get a lipstick or lip stain that has a reflective cap. Even if you don’t want to wear that specific color, you’ll at least have a mini mirror whenever it comes time to reapply.

3. Facial Spray

If you’re a contouring expert or a bare faced diva, a facial spray is something you’re going to want to slip into your Go Bag ASAP. It’s perfect for keeping your makeup on point and perfect for keeping your skin hydrated, healthy, and bright.

4. Makeup Bags

There’s nothing worse than looking at the bottom of your purse and seeing your press-on powder staining the bottom. Your makeup bag should hold anything powdery because a small makeup bag will keep your bag clean thus extending the life of your purse. Depending on the size of your makeup bag, this is also the perfect place for any feminine hygiene products.   

5. Tissues

As the towel is to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy so is the package of tissues to your Go Bag. Tissues can be used for pretty much everything. Allergy season, touching up your eyeliner, when your favorite nighttime spot inevitably runs out of toilet paper - Tissues are the unsung heroes of our bags, so make sure don’t leave them behind.

6. Wallet

This goes without saying, but always have your wallet on hand. Just make sure you pick a wallet that matches your personality and your lifestyle. For example, I prefer to have a wallet with a zipper so things don’t fall out when I’m not paying attention.  

7. Passport and/or ID

I don’t know if any of you knew this but I don’t have a license. Yep, go ahead and get your gasps out of the way now. I live in Philly so I don’t drive and don’t see the need to. So when someone cards me, I have to lug out my big ole passport that has just about the worst picture of me humanly possible (Thanks to the “lovely” employees at the post office) and fork it over to the bouncer. Upside? When some hot preferably Italian person wants to whisk me away to their country on a private jet, I’ll already have my passport on me.

8. Change

If you’re a New Yorker please hold your laughter as I talk to my fellow Philly peeps about how we’re still rocking our tokens and exact change. If you’re traveling around Philly you might need to do so via bus, trolley, or metro. If you don’t normally carry cash make sure you keep your change purse at hand just in case you need to hop on BSL.

9. Lotion

Make sure you keep some lotion in your Go Bag just in case of ashy situation, because ashy dry hands are not a good way to make an impression. Try to get a bottle that has a twist on top; you don’t want to end up with a big glob of lotion taking over your purse.

10.Snacks & Mints

I clearly don’t care about the pitfalls of snacking so I have no issues advocating for throwing snacks into your Go-Bag. Throw a healthy (or not!), non-perishable snack into your purse for long lines at the DMV or your daily commute. Because there’s nothing worse than waiting in traffic while you’re hangry. Throw in a pack of mints and gum into your bag as well for those Dentyne Ice moments when you meet a cute person at a train station an4d have to stand close to one another because that’s how interpersonal communication with strangers work.

Bonus Hot Sauce

Sometimes you just have to turn up the heat. Plus, if Beyonce’s doing it then you should too.

What Do Girl Bosses Have in There Purse?

What's in your bag? What snacks do you have in your purse? Let me know below! 

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