The ABCs of Revenge Hot

February is a strange pink laced, heart-shaped, unsolicited advice from family members on your current love life (or lack thereof)- filled month. This year, instead of obsessing over restaurant reservations or how much chocolate is too much chocolate, I want you to look fierce and take no prisoners. No matter what you have planned for this blessed or dreaded month (depending on who you ask) there’s one thing you just need to do and that’s prepare to look so hot that you can not be ignored. So let me break down the term revenge hot for those of you who may not be familiar. 

Revenge Hot (adjective): An aesthetic look that slays so hard that it incurs feelings of wrath, jealousy, and/or regret in a person that may (or may not) have caused you emotional distress. How do you know you’ve reached Revenge Hot status? Here are a few symptoms. 1. You feel the need to update your Tinder profile.  2. The whole squad approves of your outfit. 3. You receive some thirsty Snapchats from an ex. 4. You get a "Hey what’s up," text from that person you went on a blind date with once. 5. You look and feel like you’re Instagram famous.

If any of these seem up your alley, take out your notebook and prepare to study the most important lesson of this month: The ABCs of Revenge Hot. 

A is For Asymmetric

I have long been a critic of many high-low styles (especially in skirts and shirts) however a good asymmetric hem is a true revenge hot power play. Instead of the high-low front asymmetric hem, go for a side asymmetric hem. It shows off a little more leg, and (depending on the way that it’s cut) accentuates both the waist and the hips. When going asymmetric, stick to solid non-textured colors; let your legs do the talkin’ and walking.

Bonus A Tip
A-Line does not mean boring! If you're going with a classic A-Line dress look for dresses with statement sleeves.  

B is For Bodycon 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but - February is the time to get your Kardashian on. Made famous by the Kardashian and Jenner tribe, bodycon dresses and skirts are pretty much ALL you see when you go dress shopping now. For the fearless and confident, bodycon dresses leave absolutely no room for meekness. So, if you are used to wearing loose fitting clothes and are a little uneasy about antying up to a skin-tight dress, here’s what I recommend: mix and match your bodycon. Instead of opting for the full dress, pick up a long sleeve, bodycon top with a low v for a little extra cleavage, or match a midi bodycon skirt with a loose textured formal crop top. Revenge Hot is all about confidence, so wear what you feel the most comfortable and confident in.

Bonus B Tip!
Go backless! Nothing is sexier or more daring than a come hither backless dress.

C is for Cut Outs

Your outfit should be so sharp it could cut - so why not give cut outs a try (Bah dum dum). Cut outs come in all different shapes and sizes, and the key to success is finding the one that accentuates your favorite features. Feeling like showing off your hour glass figure ? Go for a dress that has two cutouts near the waist. Got Michelle Obama arms? Find cut outs that expose your shoulders and arms. Have you been hitting the gym to obtain Britney Spears circa 2003 abs? Then go for the barely there mid stomach cutout.

Bonus C Tip - Contrasting Colors
Instead of going with the traditional LBD, consider a dress with contrasting colors that help give your body some extra shape. Wearing dark colors that run along the sides of a dress creates an optical illusion that gives you a great slimming shape.

With these tips you are sure to knock them dead, because Revenge is a dish best served Hot. What's your favorite Revenge Hot style? Are you ready for thirsty Snapchats? Let me know below or on Facebook & Twitter. #LetsGetGoing