The 15 Minute Outfit Blitz: How to Look Stylish When You Just Don't Have Time

It's 8:45 am, you're still in your pajamas wiping the drool from your face, and right about now you're realizing that hitting the snooze button 10 times was probably not the best play. The scramble while you think of a passable excuse as to why you're 45 minutes late to work commences. Take a deep breath, I can't help you with your excuses, but I can help you pick the perfect outfit that well help you fake it till you make it. Here's how to successfully pull off The 15 Minute Outfit Blitz, because time is of the essence. These tips, provided that your clothes are semi-clean and accessible, should help even the most indecisive dresser put together a stylish outfit in less than 15 minutes flat. 

1. Statement & Structured

Ann taylor .jpeg

Instead of taking the time to rifle through your jewelry box, grab a shirt that's a bold enough to not even warrant a second fiddle. Next time you're  shopping, look for tops with jewelry embellishments for the mornings where you don't have time to accessorize. If a jeweled top is not your speed, no sweat. Opt for a top with structured shoulders or texture. The structure will create the illusion of a dressier top, even if has no zippers and you got it from a thrift shop.  

2. Paint it Black

There is no staple that you're going to get more wear out of than a good, reliable pair of black jeans. Depending on the occasion or setting, black jeans may not be the way to go. But those occasions and settings are few and far between. With the right top and the right pair of shoes, black jeans will make you into a top notch fancy pants. When it comes to the office, I would recommend a mid-rise skinny or a high-waisted straight pant so you don't have to worry about digging out a belt from the depths of your closet. 

3. Give it the (Chelsea) Boot 

This is probably the most expensive item on the list but it's 300% worth it. A good pair of Chelsea boots will give you comfort and style for years to come. The trendiest, unisex item going on five years , The Chelsea boot is easier to break in than most boots and more comfortable than those booties you were probably considering. Not to mention the perfect "Get away with it" winter boot for the office. 

4. Hair & Makeup 

Depending on your morning routine, this should either take the most time or the least amount of time in your 15 minute blitz. Personally, this totally depends on what state my hair is in. Currently, I'm back to rocking my Havana twists because staying up to twist my hair was not working out very well (#NaturalHairProblems). However, when it comes to makeup there is only one thing you must do at home before leaving: your eyebrows. Eyebrows are the first thing people are going to notice about you, especially if you typically fill them in. So if you want to put on the rest of your makeup when you get to work go for it but make sure your eyebrows are on fleek before you do. Also, please don't put your makeup on during your morning commute; perfect winged eyeliner is not worth your life. 

What's the quickest recorded time you've ever gotten ready? Why is it so hard to get up during the winter? Let me know below or on Facebook and Twitter.