Working Winter Fashion Trends: Taking on The Turtleneck

Thanks to this season's love affair with the groovy 70s, fashion newbies and enthusiasts alike have the pleasure of rocking a classic fashion staple - the turtleneck. A perfect item to class up your daytime and sex up your nighttime (Oh yeah y'all, turtlenecks can be sexy), the turtleneck is no longer the designated awkward holiday sweater you wear to hide your hickeys from your mom. Turtlenecks are now the must have item of this fall/winter. However, not all Turtlenecks are made in Audrey Hepburn's image so here are a few things to keep in mind when you're Taking on The Turtleneck. 

1. Stay Solid 

If you're looking for turtleneckinspo, look no further than fashion and Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn. Classic, chic, yet modern, think of Audrey every time you pick up a turtleneck at the store. Ask yourself if Audrey Hepburn would have ever be seen wearing some floral, cannery yellow, body con monstrosity. Think solid colors, like the classic black or versatile grey. If you're feeling a little adventurous, try emerald green or powder blue. But honestly, when it comes to patterns, I draw a line at stripes. Sue me, I'm old fashioned.

Favorite solid turtleneck: Button Black Turtleneck

2. Texture Counts 

Club Monaco

Some of you already know how intensely I feel about texture and texture blocking . Whether it's fringe, leather, sequins, ruffles, or cable knit, texture can take your outfit from flat to 3 dimensional in no time. So why not incorporate that holy rule into your turtlenecks? This winter, snuggle into a solid colored cable knit, fringe knit, or ribbed sweater for some extra warmth and some next level style. 

Favorite Textured Sweater: Matilda Cashmere Turtleneck, Club Monaco

3. Layer It Up

  Natalie Suarez of natalie off duty

Natalie Suarez of natalie off duty

You know the old saying: A turtleneck is only as good as what's worn on top of if. Well actually, I completely made that up, but that doesn't mean it's not true. If you're an north/east coast kid, than you understand the power and importance of layering. And the turtleneck is the ultimate layering hack. Here's the perfect equation: Solid turtleneck + patterned/ texture  sweater under a leather jacket = cozy and killing it. And if you're not a fan of layering (You're weird but It's ok, I love you anyway), ditch the sweater and go with a turtleneck leather jacket combo like Natalie of Natalie off Duty

4. Make It Lengthy

Warning: Pants not included. And why should they be, when you can wear a turtleneck dress. Turtleneck dresses come in all different shapes, sizes, and dare I say patterns. These dresses give you the opportunity to style outside the box or play to your strengths, either way turtleneck dresses are winter and office party proof. Find dresses with subtle detail like exposed zippers or an asymmetric hem for more flare. Pair it with your favorite pair of booties or stilettos. 

Favorite Turtleneck Dress: Long Tube Dress, Zara

5. Crop It Out 

It's a Friday night, you're about to hit the town with your friends, but not before stopping at your favorite store to pick up something new. You don't have tons of time but you need something that is going to make jaws drop. So what do you pick up? Three words: Turtleneck. Crop. Top. Oh yes, you read that right, grab a turtleneck crop top (a la Kim K), and get ready to dance the night away in an effortless AND WARM formal crop top outfit. Match with high waisted black jeans or a matching body con mid-length skirt depending on location and occasion. 

Favorite Turtleneck Crop Top: Dharma Ribbed Turtleneck Crop Top in Mustard, MissGuided

Taking On Turtlenecks.png

Thanks for reading! Have a wicked turtleneck collection, funny turtleneck story, or any questions on how to style them? Tell me/ask me about it below or on Twitter