People to Know: Allison Frick, librarian & Director of outreach/education

I first met Allison Frick at The Department of Making + Doing, a makerspace  in West Philly where I used to work. I had the pleasure of  helping her plan an execute a workshop where she taught a dozen people how to correctly pickle  and can fruits and vegetables. Prompt, over prepared, and in the cutest pair of glasses I've ever seen, Allison quickly jumped the list of my favorite people to work with and my list of favorite people ever.  I should also mention that the pickling workshop is just one of Allison's many hobbies. When she's not cooking, baking, and making she is  the Youth Services Librarian at the Glenside Free Library and the Director of Outreach and Education at The Hacktory, a West Philly hackerspace for children and adults alike. Everyone meet Allison, she's here to tell you why plaster is the best fashion hack and comedy bit. 

Allison Frick - People To Know Series


Allison Frick

Where's your home base? 


Tell us what you do.

I  am a Youth Services Librarian at the Glenside Free Library and I am the Director of Outreach and Education at The Hacktory, a West Philadelphia makerspace. 

People To Know - Allison Frick

How did you get started?

 I decided to go to library school after someone suggested it to me at a New Year's party a few years ago.  I started working on my application to Drexel that night.  I am so happy with what I do right now, and so glad that I can use so many of the skills that I have picked up along the way.

Before this I've been a pre-school teacher, silkscreened yardage for super fancy lamps, tutored at a homeless shelter, did after school programming for the Free Library and worked in Reading Terminal Market for 8 years.  Plus some other stuff.  I usually have a few jobs at once, because free time is for suckers

What's the most rewarding part of what you do?

I like to give people a chance to learn/make/experience things that they might not get to do elsewhere.  At the library that could be using glitter paint with toddlers or having pajama party movie nights, and at the Hacktory it is learning how to solder, use a drill press, or experiment with spray paint. 

Give us a funny story from work

Oh man.  I was teaching a plaster casting and mold making class the other week to 3-5th grade students, mostly boys.  It was right before Halloween so I told them that they could make molds of their hands to make scary monster hands.  Nope, they were all, "I'm going to cast my penis, I'm going to cast my butt". For the record, we made monster hands.  

Every man that I've told this story too seemed to think that this was super obvious, and every woman has been a little bit surprised that the kids wanted to do that.  It honestly had not occurred to me AT ALL. 

Random question time! What's your favorite drink to prepare?

Probably a rhubarb vodka tonic.  Every spring  I fill half gallon mason jars with rhubarb, vodka, sugar and vanilla beans and let it infuse for a month or two.  You can drink it straight if you have problems or add tonic water.

Give us some Lifestoned Advice. 

You can mix plaster in any outfit if you want it bad enough. 

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