March Madness: Changes, Announcements, and My Birthday - Oh MY!

Happy March everyone! We're almost out of the dungeon that is winter and I'm a few degrees from breaking out into song and dance 500 Days of Summer Style. So I wanted to take this moment to do a quick recap on what happened in February and a few things that are coming up in my favorite month - March.

This February, I tried to bring you all a slightly different perspective on love, relationships, and Valentine's Day. Cupid's day isn't all about rose petals and Kay Jeweler commercials. Sometimes it's about getting out of plans with some person you met on Tinder a little too close to the blessed date of V-Day. But other times, this rose-tinted month was all about looking so hot that you get a thirsty snap chat from your ex. Personally, it was all about hanging out with my cat, drinking a classic glass of merlot, and watching my favorite romantic comedies.   

Besides stretching my sarcastic muscles, I had the opportunity to sit down with two incredible creative entrepreneurs, Ashley Coleman and Jasmine Watts, as part of my Black History Month series, Black Girl Boss Magic.  It's always great to sit down and be inspired by black women in my field who are kicking butt and taking no prisoners. Head over and check out there interviews and prepare to feel motivated to reach your dreams and touch the sky. 

Some More Take Aways From February

1. Millennial Guilt is real and it can stop you from reaching your goals
2. There's light at the end of the dark tunnel that is winter but what do I wear to prepare for that
3. Fashion week stops for no one, even Mother Nature. 
4. Spending two hours to find one ironic T-shirt means that you're thrift wrong
5. Fashion can change lives

March To It 

Like I mentioned above, March is my favorite month for completely selfish reasons. For this my birthday month, Lifestoned Adventures is going to be lit. We're talking about the classic (cough cough drunken) Philadelphia tradition of Erin Express, getting back out there after social hibernating, and finding the perfect pair of shoes for spring and summer. 

This month, in honor of women's history month, I will be featuring women photographers who are shaking up the scene in a predominately male field. If this sounds like you, be sure to reach out to me so I can feature you! I will also be comprising a team of bloggers to share their ultimate fashion life hacks and their tips for getting out of a fashion and beauty rut. All of this and  ALOT more is coming up so stay tuned! 


I will be making some cosmetic changes to ye old blog a well as adding a special mailing list for Lifestoned Adventures Insiders and (drum roll please) a podcast! Let's Get Going is a podcast that talks all things lifestyle and pop culture. So keep and ear out for the very first episode coming soon. 

Cheers, Sola

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