Lifestoned Advice: Going Out vs. Staying In Part 2

Happy Fri-yay one and all. Today we celebrate the joy of not having to come into work, go to class, and shower (wait is that just me???). But even with this great non-responsibility comes real responsibility, because you have a great decision to make. Are you going out or staying in this weekend? Yesterday, you heard the case for staying in. So let's jump right in! Here's why my esteemed panel of bloggers, writers, and experts want you to go out tonight. 


"Going out, whether you are an introvert or extrovert, can be beneficial. By going out, you are able to make new friends, network, see new things, and have new experiences! You get to live life by going out; staying in limits your mind and closes you off to life!"

- Jessica Starks of The Pen and Needle


"I would say, unless you're feeling tired, or poorly, always go out. Whether it's heading to a club with friends, going to a restaurant or heading to a café on your own, there is never a bad time to soak up the buzzing vibes of your surroundings. I have met countless people whilst taking myself out for a meal or a drink, and I think that the more you get used to it, the more it feels like you're at home. So go out, go anywhere, explore your town or city and don't forget to say 'yes' to new adventures and new ways of being and feeling. With the outside world comes new horizons and further change. Embrace that change" 

- Rashina of Globe of Love


 "I'm not going to lie, it's usually a tough decision. However, going out is so much fun when you're with your friends and doing something fun! Typically, I like having a plan before we leave to go out so the decision process is easier. I mean, who wants to go out if money (and the prep time to get ready) is going to be wasted??"

Kathleen of When Grey Skies Are You


"GO OUT! You're only young once, so seize the moment. Enjoy the late nights and time spent with good friends. They're the memories you'll look back on and remember fondly. You'll have so many endless nights to stay in when you have children, so enjoy your freedom, youth, and maybe a cocktail or two."

Annessa of Seeking Sunshine

Well folks, you heard it here first! What are you doing tonight? Are you going out or staying in? Let me know below!