Lifestoned Adventures x Aoki Boutique Present: Kashish, Your New Fave.

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It's not secret that I am ALL about girl power. 

I'm not talking about the kind of girl power that was written in glitter on just about everything marketed to young girls in 2001. In fact, I'm not even talking about the Taylor Swift "Squad Goals" Bad Blood music video kind of girl power. I'm talking about the kind of girl power that comes from supporting, uplifting, and empowering women who are doing the same for others. Everything I've done, do, and continue to do on this blog is centered around that principle. Shouting out people who are changing their communities, breaking barriers and making us thinking about our world in a brand new light is what Lifestoned Adventures is all about. And that's exactly why I couldn't be more excited about this collaboration with Aoki Boutique and your next big pop star fave, Kashish. 

Speaking of girl power, there's no one who understands the concept better than Alina Alter, the owner of Aoki Boutique. A women’s lifestyle and clothing boutique for people who strive to be fashion forward, Aoki wants every woman to discover her inner rockstar. And they have the style and merchandise to do so. Inspired by street style, wanderlust, and modern femininity, Aoki has a lil something for every kind of person. And want to know the best part about Aoki? You don't need to hop on a Megabus and go to another city to shop there. Yeah, that's right, Aoki is located right here in Center City Philadelphia. So next time you're looking for the perfect outfit, don't fight through the hustle and bustle of franchises by Liberty Place or Rittenhouse Square. Instead, shop local and shop at Aoki. Or if you're not feeling like moving at all, shop online. Either way, take a peek inside one of the cutest stores around - Tell Alina that I sent you. 

I had the ultimate pleasure of running around Aoki like a kid at a candy store on Christmas day in order to style Kashish who you're going to meet in a minute. My inspiration for these looks is based on the concept of "Constructing modern femininity". I wanted to combine a sense of classic "femininity" with the functionality of what real women need to get through the day. Hats for when you don't feel like doing your hair, animal prints for when you're feeling fiery, jumpsuits for when you're feeling like Beyonce. Because the truth is, femininity can describe many things - it's not a set of rules or looks. I wanted to show that femininity, just like girls, is powerful. Now without further ado, Give a big, BIG hello to Kashish. 

Sola: Hi Kashish, tell us a little  about yourself
Kashish: Hey! So I'm Kashish, I'm 22 and a Pop/R&B artist out of West Philly. I'm also a senior in Drexel University's Music Industry program. I'm gearing up for the release of my second EP, With Love, later this month which I'm really excited about!

S: What is the first album you've ever bought.
K: I actually remember this day so vividly. I went to Target determined to buy Hillary Duff’s Metamorphosis album, and I left with that and a slice of pizza. Ten-year-old me was very happy.

S: You recently conducted a project and wrote about it. Tell us about your article "Through the Eyes of a Hijabi" what was your inspiration behind this and what did you learn.
K: “Through the Eyes of the Hijabi" was inspired by the stigma that the media  directed at Muslims. After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Buhari, Baghdad, and Beirut, I saw an influx of hatred towards people I share this faith with . I was curious to test the media's assertions and whether people around me would act differently if I made it obvious that I was Muslim . It turns out no one really cared , not around here at least . What I gathered is that it's not in people's nature to discriminate against each other. Instead, people are taught to do so due to misinformation and fear.

S: Tell us about your experience as a female musician in a male dominated world.
K: Honestly, I love being a female in the music industry because it allows me to be a part of this movement that's working to bring change . Women don't nearly get enough of the credit they deserve in this business and it’s unjustified . Still, you can see women working hard and putting themselves out there and that 's beautiful to me ! I've personally never felt discriminated against for being a female artist, but there ' s always the side eye from those who don't believe in you. It makes you feel like you aren't really worth their attention and don't belong. It's a shame though, because the women in this field are so talented and deserve respect.

"The women in this field are so talented and deserve respect."

S: I'm absolutely obsessed with your single Glass. Tell me about the inspiration behind the lyrics and the video.
K: Thank you so much! The lyrics for Glass came from this inner struggle that I had with myself. I was in a really conflicted place last summer where I'd just finished up The Hype and suddenly I  felt lost. I didn't know what was next. Glass is basically the story of me coming to terms with my issues. The music video was actually based on my director, Marc's idea. The producer I battle in the video represents my demons a long with the cables holding me back.

S:Where can everyone find your music.
K: I'm everywhere! The Hype is on BandcampGlass can be found on iTunes as a single, and With Love is officially out on all online digital platforms May 27th! If you want to get a preview of the EP before then, Wahoo's and I are hosting a listening partyon the 23rd at 6pm. I'd love to see you there!

S: Give my readers a little Lifestoned Advice!
K: I am going to give you this Badgalriri style. This is possibly the best thing I have ever heard her say and I think everyone should live by these words, "Love yourself so much that you don’t want to be anyone else." And that, my friends, is the key to being a badass

"-That, my friends, is the key to being a badass."

Huge thanks to Alina and Kashish for being the best people ever. This shoot was an absolute blast. Don't forget to look out for Kashish on Facebook for more details on her EP release. And follow Aoki on Instagram!

Bonus: I loved so many pics from this shoot that I added an extra slideshow below.