#WarbySpring16' Will Help You Look Better Than I Looked at Space Camp

Long before the wiry, handlebar mustache aesthetic of hipsters or the weird, morally questionable 'Don't Judge Me' Instagram challenge, I was a four-eyed fourth grader who was just trying her best to see the chalkboard and not get hit in the face with a dodgeball. Take, for example, this candid photo of me at Space Camp.

As you can deduce from exhibit A, the struggle was real. I actually wore those things until my parents trusted me enough to jab clear things in my eyes twice of day my freshman year of high school. So, why would I willing share a picture that could very well be used to blackmail me? It's simple, to drive home the point that your glasses frames really do make an aesthetic difference. And no one knows the importance of well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing eyewear more than Warby Parker and their new Spring 2016 collection. Let's Get Going.  

Let's Go To The Circus 

Warby Parker's first collection of 2016 is a spectacle of bold colors, shapes, and styles that will remind you of stepping foot inside a vibrant circus tent. Exclusively for the brave and fashion forward, this collection's cobalt, burgundy, and gold-hued and lined glasses will be the biggest, trendiest item that gives you 20/20 vision. These bright and fun frames are crafted from premium acetate in lively new hues, three new silhouettes, and will match any wardrobe and aesthetic you have in mind. Personally, around this time of year, I'm bundled up in a mass of heavy fabrics and dark neutrals. So this collection is the breath of fresh air that I needed. Because let's be honest, it's never too early to start fantasizing about your spring wardrobe. 

So if you're looking to put a little 'umph' in your business casual, or get a jazzy pair of spares for the weekend, head on over to the circus for a brand new pair of Warby Parkers. As always eyewear and sunglasses start at only $95, so go ahead and pick a pair, any pair!

Say hello to Warby


Warby Parker, for those of you who don't know, is basically the Grub Hub of stylish glasses. Hear me out, Warby Parker is an amazing B-corporation that specializes in a revolutionary mission and product: affordable, well-designed glasses for all. That is why for every pair of glasses sold a pair is given to aid almost one billion people worldwide who lack access to glasses. 

Warby Parker also gives you ideal test-drive time. Their Home-Try-On program allows customers to choose five frames from the website, which they receive to try on at home for five days for free. Yeah, you read that right. Five pairs of glasses, mailed to your home, for your to try on and takes selfies in, completely free of charge.  So what's holding you back? Your perfect pair of circus themed glasses could be sitting in your mailbox within the week. 

The Greatest Hits

As you can tell I'm too excited for this bright, bold, fun loving collection. But this spring, Warby Parker is also bringing back some fan-favorite glasses like the Concentric Collection's Haskell in Crystal which comes outfitted with an inner ring in one of three colors! 

What do you think about the new collection? Are you in the market for a new pair of glasses? What's the most embarrassing picture of yourself that you're willing to share. Share below or on Facebook and Twitter. Big thank you to Warby Parker for this opportunity to share their awesome glasses with you, my lovely readers. Till next time!