Let's Talk About Imposter Syndrome (And How To Kick Its Ass)

Ahhh Imposter Syndrome, the dark cloud that may loom above you at your workplace. If you’re not familiar with this pesky little thing by name, you might familiar with its close relatives, self-doubt, self- sabotage, and chronic millennial guilt. Dealing with imposter syndrome is very tricky because sometimes it makes you feel  ill-equipped and sometimes even downright stupid. Imposter syndrome might even be what’s keeping  you from a great new job or a well-deserved promotion. As someone who’s continually struggled with  this, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to kick imposter syndrome where the sun don’t shine.


Don’t Forget Your Resume

Whenever you feel like you’re not equipped for the job, remind yourself what got you there. Print out your resume, visit your Linkedin profile, or online portfolio and remind yourself that you actually kick butt. Even though you may feel like your boss or client made a big mistake in hiring you, they did it for a reason. Constantly remind yourself why you get paid the big bucks.


Talk to Your Peeps

The truth is your peers might be having the same problems you’re having. So chat with your coworkers or people in a similar field as you. Having a supportive network of people will help you feel at ease and help you flourish in your position. It’s always great to know that you’re not alone. Go for coffee, drinks, or dinner and dish with your people.


Don’t be Afraid to Fail

I have this theory about our generation. Hear me out, I’m about to drop some knowledge: We are absolutely terrified of failure. Seriously this is me, I quake in my boots at the very idea of anything not going my way. Because of our fear , we don’t have the opportunity to roll with the punches. Here’s the reality of it - things won’t go the way you expect them too. That’s just life! And that’s totally cool. Failure is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make our skills and ideas even better. So remember your work doesn’t need to be immaculate, you just have to work hard and learn from your mistakes.


Get A Shout Out

Frequent evaluations are the best way to diminish thoughts of being an imposter. Take time to sit down with your boss and ask for a few things. 1. How they think you’re doing. 2. Ways you can utilize your time at work better. 3. If there’s anything you can help them with 4. Any other updates. Not only will you sound super professional, but alsp, your boss will know that you are a dedicated member of the team who’s always thinking about the bigger picture. When you’re done speaking with you boss, informally ask your coworkers similar questions.


Do Your Homework But Not The Extra Credit

One way to kick imposter syndromes ass is to make sure you do your homework. Find a way to get all the information you need to complete a project from good sources. It’s super important to note that you shouldn’t get stuck in the researching phase without coming up for air. Don’t do a bunch of research if you’re not going to use it, speak about it, or utilize it. If you’re doing that, you’re avoiding making decisions by burying your head in a book. Remember to practice when it comes to this step, because if you don’t, you’re letting imposter syndrome work it’s terrible magic on you.


Step and Speak Right On Up

I don’t want to give the whole “Lean In” speech because you’re probably so sick of hearing it. However, there is something to be said about making your voice heard in the workplace. If you’re not comfortable speaking up in meetings or similar situations, find a way around it. Shoot an email with an outline of your plan to your boss, help a coworker with a large project, volunteer to take a pivotal role in an upcoming event. Basically, make sure they see you! In the process of doing this, you will start to under that inner working of your company as well.

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