It's My Birthday I Can Ask For Drake If I Want To

It's that special time in my life where just about everyone I know wants to know if I'm feeling 22. Here's the answer: No, nothing I do today will remotely match up with a Taylor Swift song because it's a Tuesday, I have a big girl job, and I pretty much already dress like a hipster. To be honest, I'm pumped for my birthday because it gives me a valid excuse to drink and eat my body weight in margaritas and guacamole, which will be happening a little later on today. In the meantime, I'm going to finish up some work and oh so subtly drop a few hints about my ultimate birthday list. You know, just in case you're really feeling like giving to your favorite Philly fashion blogger/residential hot millennial mess who's turning 22 on this blessed day. So I guess you can say that this is a list of things that would really have me feeling like I'm 22

1. Dior Booties 

Just imagine the look on my face when I slip on a pair of white patent calfskin ankle boots from Dior. Imagine the joy that will reach my recently turned twenty-two eyes as tears roll down my rapidly aging face. I hug you tightly, but only after I've hugged the boots, because you are a true friend that realizes that happiness has a label and that label is Dior. 

2. Public School Alderleaf Blouse

Now that I have these new boots, I really need something to wear with them because obviously nothing in my closet can remotely handle the majesty of a perfect crafted Dior boot. Luckily for me, I have you, a beautiful person with impeccable style who knew that I had my eyes on just about everything in New York based fashion house Public School's collection but specifically this black and white Alderleaf Blouse. You're so considerate - literally what would I do without you? 

3. SoulCycle Membership

Remember when I said that I planned to eat and drink my body weight in margaritas and guacamole? Alas, that has caught up to me. I now need to start making better choices and those better choices involve me joining the fitness cult that is SoulCycle. Due to your altruistic nature, I will now be peddling off to nowhere as Diplo plays in the background. 

4. SK-IIFacial Treatment Mask

Now that my body is on fleek, I have to get my skin care game going as well. You know that beauty is pain, and the pain I'm referring to is the anguish you feel when your wallet starts to look a little empty, because this SKI-II Facial Treatment mask is $135. A small price to pay for This 100 percent cotton mask that drenches the skin with pitera’s fusion of vitamin, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, while working to revitalize, comfort, and provide intense hydration. It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool. See, I knew you'd understand. 

5. Acne Studios Calida pop white

Every birthday girl needs a birthday dress. So I'm looking no further than Acne Studios's gorgeous Calida dress in pop white. It's decadent, it's minimalistic but glamorous, and it will look great with my Dior boots, my hot new bod, and my flawless dewy skin. You're a true friend that made all of my birthday wishes a reality and I couldn't be more lucky. 

6. Drake 

Speaking of a birthday dress, I need something to wear when I meet our new mutual friend Drake. Thanks to your rallying efforts we now sit courtside with Drake at Warriors games and even have our names subtly featured in his lyrics. My birthday list this year was pricy but, just like my friendship, it came with endless perks and benefits. 

Thanks for reading this silly little birthday list. I would like to seriously thank my friends and family who keep me grounder and help this blog become a reality everyday. You don't buy me Dior, but you do keep me motivated and laughing which is truly priceless. If you are interested in giving me anything for my birthday donate whatever you can to my Go Fund Me Campaign for a new camera.