In The Bag - Four Essential Bags that Every Traveling Girl Boss Needs


For those of you who are like me, packing is just about the worst thing about traveling and life in general. And if you're like me you are always on the move and every decision you've ever made in life comes to mind when you're packing. Whether it's "Why do I have so many clothes?" "Is three Louis Vuitton trunks enough for two days in LA?"  the questions you ask yourself whilst packing can become overwhelming. As all of my girl bosses know, we have to get packed and stay moving. That's why I only ask myself two questions. Can I walk a mile with all of this stuff and can I get to everything I need easily. Today, we're tackling the latter. 

The Backpack 

If a backpack works for Dora The Explorer, then it's going to work wonders for you. No matter how long you will be away, backpacks are an essential item. If you're going away for long enough to check in a bag at the airport, bring your backpack as a carryon item. If you're a light packer, squeeze your clothes and books and take it with you on the train. Extended stay? No problem, pack your backpack (say that five times fast) and take it out when you're exploring. This 100% Leather backpack from The A List Look is durable and the perfect size to get your exploring on. So go ahead...make Dora proud. 

The Coin Purse/Wallet 

As a recent graduate/newbie semi functioning adult, I like to pretend that I'm organized and have it together. Want to know how I screw up my poker face? Digging in my bag trying to find exact change. Trust me, you don't want to be on the other side of a judgey barista in a country where you can't understand the smack their talking about you. Having a coin purse is the ultimate traveling hack for not looking like a tourist. This cute yellow guy is available only in stores at The A List Look

The Go Bag 

The Go Bag aka The I've-been-in-this-airport-for-13-hours-I-might-die-here-survival-kit is perhaps the most essential bag on the list. The bare minimum that should be in here is a travel sized toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and cyanide capsule (Just kidding. You can survive this layover, believe in yourself). Other than that, fill it with things you can't do without! If you can't go anywhere without your eyeliner or beard trimmer throw them in the Go Bag. The best Go Bags are from the Ipsy Monthly Glam Bags. They're always super cute. big enough to fit everything, and small enough to conveniently fit anywhere. 

The ID Satchel 

If there's anything I've learned from Indiana Jones  it's the power of a good satchel. This little guy from The A List Look is the perfect size for your boarding pass, Passport/ID, and some pocket mula. Not only is this the perfect size, it help you get to what you need in no time and keep all of your important belongings safe. 

That's all for me! Do you have a favorite travel bag? Tag me on Instagram and tell me why you love it then I'll post them here! 

Until next time,
xx Sola