Blogger style tips: How To Stop Wearing All-Black All The TIme and how to add color to your closet (and life)

Philly Street Style Lifestoned Adventures

Give yourself a high-five, because after a long, hot week you made it to Friday. Gone are your Monday blues because the warm, vibrant weekend is well on its way. For this, very illustrious Friyay, I sat down with local blogger, stylist, and model Rubi to talk about her personal style and how to switch up your all-black ensemble for something a little more flashy. I also had the amazing opportunity to capture her radiance with my camera. Here's our fashion editorial and interview: In Living Color. 

Colorful Outfits

Sola: When you go to style an outfit, what look are you trying to achieve?

Rubi: I never have something specific in mind honestly, but little that I know, I always try to be as comfortable, haute, free and earthy possible. I love thrift shopping because I get to find little unique treasures.

Philly Fashion Colorful Outfits

Sola: When did you discover your love of colors? 

Rubi: I don't think I discovered colors. Ah! They discovered me.

Philly Fashion: In Living Color

Sola: What are your favorite color combinations? 

Rubi: My three favorites color combinations would be, mustard yellow, pink, & a little zesty of purple

Sola: What do you say to those who are committed to wearing only black all the time? 

Rubi: Since black isn't considered as a color but rather as a shade, I would tell them to keep throwing their unique beautiful shades of black to whatever they choose to wear it, and why not spice it up with other colors?! 

Philly Street Style Lifestoned Adventures
Philly Fashion Lifestoned Adventures

Sola: Do you think dressing colorfully effects your mood/outlook on life?

Rubi: Patterns and colors are very attracting to me. I have certain patterns that I like and some I don't. I like patterns that take me to another world, era or make me wanna get lost somewhere very peaceful and joyful. It's funny because I've had people wondered about my personality based on the way I choose to wear my colors and patterns.They tend to call me a free spirit and other rooted names. 

Catch Rubi and all of her incredible clothes on Instagram at @Rubicisca! Did she convince you to tart living life colorfully? Let me know below! 

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