I'm MOVING! Say Goodbye to Lifestoned Adventures!

There's a pivotal point in every person's life where they decide to write an awful click-bait title for a semi-good reason. I'm proud to say that this moment finally happened to me.

Now that I've already prefaced that the title of this one of the very last blog post is YouTube vlogger level dramatic, let me clear some stuff up before you run and purchase postcards. Even though I should wise up and leave this fickle Philadelphia weather for literally any location with a palm tree, I'm not moving. In fact, I'm digging my heels even deeper into this city. The only thing that's moving is this URL. Starting in April 2017, Lifestoned Adventures will officially become Let's Get Going. 

I started this blog two years ago and it has changed my life in ways that I can't even begin to pen. If you've been with me from the jump, you've seen me get dressed up, dressed down, denounce all black, rant, interview incredibly creative women, and complain about winter. You've watched me develop as a photographer, writer, and as a person. You were here when I sat front row for the first time and shivered in a mob of photographers outside. You sent me emails about how you actually DO hate dieting and how wearing more colors is marking the start of your new life. This blog helped me survive one of the hardest periods of my life and I do not take that lightly. That's why I feel the need to open this experience up to others. 

Let's Get Going will be a collaborative fashion, lifestyle, and culture destination that gives women of all backgrounds the tools to become their own icons. I have an amazing team of writers, photographers, and artists who are joining me in creating content that doesn't pressure or gas light the "millennial woman" into feeling like someone else. We're going to give you the facts and you'll get to decide from there. 

Because this project is still in the works, Lifestoned Adventures will for the most part stop operations. But just know that something new yet familiar is on the horizon. This is a guarantee that the same fabric that went into every word, picture, infographic, listicle, and Instagram photo of Lifestoned Adventures will be stitched together to make Let's Get Going. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this blog. Can't wait to see you on the other side! 


Lifestoned Adventures becomes Fashion Website