I’m Abandoning All Black Outfits Until Further Notice

 Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

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Happy Friday and second day of Fall my friends! We are now free to indulge in all of the pleasantries of the season including fall jackets, pumpkin spiced everything, and (my favorite seasonal holiday) Halloween. This autumn I’ve made a solemn vow to switch things up. Typically, when fall hits, I’m just about the first person in head-to-toe black. This year, after sitting down and chatting with Philadelphia style blogger Rubi and with the help of Sofia from Lularoe. 

I’ve decided that I’m abandoning all black until further notice. *Queue gasping noises*

And I knew the best place to start was with a piece that is both vibrant and diverse. I got that dress from Lularoe. For those of you who don’t know, Lularoe is a direct sales woman and girls clothing company. Their line is all about comfortable fashion. All sales are made through in person pop up parties in homes and businesses, and through social media. Each print is used for 5000 items and then retired, which keeps things new and exciting, for customers and consultants. I got this beautiful dress from Sofia of Lularoe, who’s local to Philadelphia and has an immense love of fashion so hit the link and say hi! 

I’m pretty open about not being a personal style blogger, but I can’t very well abandon all-black without photographic evidence. So, as you can see from these mildly awkward photographs, I decided to turn up the saturation on my fall wardrobe. It all starts with my blue over the knee dress with subtle pleats at the skirt. Then, I added a long bright orange jacket for dramatic effect and warmth, a DIY headband for an additional pop of color, and my new favorite pair of DIY earrings to tie the entire look together.

If you are interested in Lulalore (which you totally should be, I mean look at this dress on me girl) I have the hook up for you. The lovely Sofia is giving you, Lifestoned Adventurers 10% off when you use the code sola10 at checkout.

Philadelphia Style Blogger Sola Onitiri gives up on wearing all black

Cheers, S

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