If You’re Not Buying These Things in the ‘Men’s Section’ You’re F-ing Up

Menswear Items That Every Fashionista Should Have

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Lean in a little closer because I have a secret to share with you. If you’re only shopping in the “women’s section” of your favorite clothing store then you are severely F-ing up. Although some clothes are cut a certain way to accommodate people with curves, most clothes are not only for every body type but also every gender identity. So why limit yourself to just one side of a clothing side? Because in all honesty, sometimes women’s clothing fall a little short when it comes to comfort. Take for example the extreme lack of pockets on cute dresses or skinny jeans that all but cut the flow of blood to your legs. So here’s how shopping at both sections of the store is going to change your wardrobe forever and for better.


Philadelphia Style Blogger Sola Onitiri Menswear to Womenswear

If you’re a trendy hat wearing cool kid, you’ve probably searched far and wide for a baseball cap that makes you look like Rihanna coming out of an exclusive club. If you’re relying on just the women’s section to find your perfect “dad hat” then you’re not giving yourself enough options in both the style and price department. The men’s section has been selling a variety of hats pretty much since the dawning of time, so go where the action is to find your dream hat because chances are, it will also be way cheaper to thanks to the pink tax.


Philadelphia Fashion Blogger Sola Menswear to Womenswear

Speaking of prices, let’s discuss how much money we shell out for tight, multi-color flannels. Traditionally and historically, flannel is a wool shirt created with the working class lifestyle in mind. 18th-century workers in need of protection from the elements owned flannels because they were durable, kept them warm and were relatively cheap and comfortable. With that understanding of its historical value, I can’t bring myself to understand spending a lot of money on a flannel that’s not cheap nor comfortable. If you like your flannels tight and body forming, you go girl, but if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit cozy, go pick up a flannel in the men’s section but make sure it’s on sale.

Graphic Ts

Philadelphia Style Blogger Sola Onitiri

Why is it that the boys get all the cool pop culture graphic tees? Think about it. Stroll into your local Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 and all you’ll see in the women’s section are shirts about loving coffee, being single, and using words like bae. The boys, on the other hand, get Star Wars, Clueless, and Friends. When it comes to graphic tees (the most gender neutral item of them all) cross the aisle and find a shirt that makes you smile.

Overalls & Denim

Philadelphia Style Blogger Sola Onitiri - Menswear Worn by Women

Yet another clothing item with roots in convenient and functional fashion for hard blue collar workers, are overalls. Comfortable, spacious, and the height of casual RTW barn fashion, then later hip hopping cool kids of the early 90s, it’s hard to believe that the tight, skinny overalls of today share the same name of its comfy predecessor. If you’re looking for a classic, non-skinny, full-length pair of overalls the women’s section may not be the best place to look. However, when it comes to finding overalls of many lengths, cuts, styles, and color, the women’s section of ASOS is totally the place to go. If you’re looking for a classic, try Sears (They’re also about $30 cheaper).

BONUS: Socks
This one is just for kicks (see what I did there) because there’s nothing wrong with the socks in the women’s section, but who doesn’t like options right? If you feel this way, dive into the lovely menswear fashion trend of perfecting your sock game. Because this is one of the few avenues that men can utilize to make a splash in a traditional suit, there are a large variety of dress socks for you to choose from.

Things To Always Buy at The Men's Section




Are you sick of pocketless dresses and tight flannels? What are some other things from the men's section that you want to swipe.