Hometown Glory: How To Handle Being Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is a beautiful, magical time where you draw your friends and family close and reflect on how fortunate you are to celebrate another year together. And as amazing and scenic as that all sounds, the holiday season is not all presents and empty calories. If you're going home for the holidays, that means you are walking in a winter wonderland full of stress, ex partners from high school, and awkward encounters with people that you've deleted on Facebook for having questionable political opinions. And if you don't be careful, these little awkward moments can drag your holiday season down. So here are some Helpful Tips For Surviving the Holidays at Home. 

1. Remain Calm 

You've just crossed the border into your hometown. This is not the time for panic. Remember, they can smell fear on you from miles away. Square your shoulders, align your chi, and get ready for anything and everything to go down. 

2. Know Your Surroundings 

If you're an introvert like me, chances are that your surroundings are your childhood bedroom, the kitchen, and whatever room has the biggest TV and access to your parents premium movie channels. However, on the off chance that you have to leave your house this holiday season, make note of the places that everyone you know from home likes to frequent. If you're feeling particularly fearless, get dolled up and go to your neighborhood watering hole. If you're not about that life, avoid those hot spots like the plague. 

3. Assemble Your Squad

One of the best parts of going home is meeting up with an old group of friends. You may not talk to them every day (every day, being very generously used here) but they are still your ride or dies no matter what. If you're going home for the holidays, make sure to link up with them for support and to catch up on all the local drama. 

4. Remember, You Ain't In Kanas No More

Every time I leave Philly for my quiet hometown suburb, I'm always shocked by the lack of garbage, people, and lights on the streets. And after that initial shock of seeing nature and strip malls wears off, I immediately have to remind myself that I left Chinese takeout, Uber, and a worthwhile nightlife behind me in Philly. That being said, if you moved from home to a completely new geographic location, remember that even though you can't order Lo Mein to your door, home still has it's charms too. 

5. Feast on Traditional (Free) Family Meals 

Speaking of all the charms home has to offer, can we agree that going home for the holidays is for free food and free laundry? We can? Ok cool, great. If you're an early 20 something like me, nothing is better than leaving an empty fridge in your cold apartment to a fully stocked fridge in your parents warm home. This is not only a decided way to handle being home for the holidays but something to thank your family for as well. 

6. Be Grateful and Be Joyful

It's the holiday season. Be grateful for what you do have and the bright future that is sure to come. Hold you family and friends close and tell them how much you appreciate them and all that they do. 

Have any awkward going home stories? Do you hate your home town like every pop punk band out there? Is it just me? Well tell me below or on Twitter