Ho, Ho, How to Handle Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are a centuries old tradition that the majority of us don't know how to handle with grace. Whether for coworkers or with pals, holiday parties are the parties with high stakes, social pressures, and potential consequences. Here's how to cut through holiday size tension and enjoy the reason for the season, free drinks and food. 

1. Holiday Wardrobe 


Repeat after me: I will only wear ugly Christmas sweaters to Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. I'm so glad we could agree on that. Because in all seriousness, ugly sweaters are great but wouldn't you rather dazzle this Christmas? Don't be afraid to dress up this holiday season, end the year with a fashion triumph. 

2.  Don't Forget your Frankincense 


When invited to a party this season, don't forget to bring a little something, something to share. This is a season of joy and giving so don't forget to bring by a bottle of wine, a tray of cookies, or any other kind of BYO fun you can think of. When picking the right thing to bring think of your host and your fellow party goers. Because there's no sense in bringing charcuterie tray to a party filled with vegans. 

3. Seasonal Small Talk 

Holiday parties usually don't involve a socratic discussion on American politics and consumerism, so keep it light this holiday season. Talk about the last movie you saw, discuss your New Year's resolutions, or, if all fails, talk about the weather. Because unless you're in a tight group of friends, no one wants to hear your thoughts about the last Republican Debate (no matter how much of a disaster it was).  

4. Easy on The Egg Nog 

If Rom-Coms have taught me anything in life, they've taught me this: holiday parties can make or break your reputation. So for the love of everything that's holy, go easy on the drinks at your holiday party. I'm not saying go in there stone cold sober, but I'm saying that no one wants to see you get on a table and sing a drunk rendition of Like a Prayer by Madonna. Carb up, count your drinks, and drink a glass of water between every glass.

5. Know When To Leave 

Unless your staying to help clean up, know when to take your leave from the party. So look out for the warning signs of a party slowing down so you can thank the host and make your goodbyes. Hosting a party is very time consuming and draining for the host so they will totally appreciate you dipping out a half and hour before the end time. Refraining from rallying the troops for more dancing and drinks at a party you're not hosting, is the best way to be invited next year. On the other hand, if you want off the Christmas party list, you now know what to do.  

What holiday parties are you going to this week? Any survival tips you'd like to share? Have you ever drunkenly sang Madonna on a table in front of your boss? Let me know below or on Twitter