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This is about that time of year when I want to put every item of clothing I’ve ever owned in a trash can and set it on fire. It’s that time of year where nothing fits quite right, everything feels dull and getting dressed up always feels like getting dressed down. Yeah, folks, I’m talking about the dreaded, full-on fashion rut. Getting out of a fashion rut, or a fashion funk, is not always easy but it is possible. I’m here to tell you how to use the internet to help you do exactly this. The first thing you’re going to need is Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology, and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Now here’s how it’s going to get you out of your rut. 

Think About Your Lifestyle

Style Tips For Fashion Ruts

“Know thyself” is probably the most under-utilized quote in fashion - here’s why. Everyone is always so occupied with looking like Gigi or having makeup like Kylie, or slaying like Solange. But when it comes down to it, knowing how to look like yourself is the first step towards a life of style. The first thing you want to keep in mind when doing this is to pay attention to your lifestyle. Pick outfits and pieces that won’t inhibit you from living your life and living your truth. Remember function and fashion are not mutually exclusive. Just in case you’re having some issues really pinning down your personal style, Stitch Fix takes you through an inclusive style quiz so that they can pinpoint exactly what awesome pieces they should send you.

Ask For Help

Creating a perfect outfit isn’t always as easy as I make it sound on this blog. Sometimes you need to ask for help. Having a fashionable friend or, I don’t know, a friendly neighborhood stylist will help you amp up your look. One of the coolest parts about Stitch Fix is that all the clothes in your collection box are expertly curated by professional stylists. Every month, you’re not just getting a box of items that were picked by a computer algorithm. You’ll get clothes you love picked out by your very own stylist who selects pieces based on your spending preferences, style, schedule.

Keep an Open Mind & Push The Envelope

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With great risks come even greater rewards. So think about that as soon as you open your newest Stitch Fix finds. Because they offer a full range of apparel, shoes, and accessories, that are from well-known brands and new brands that are making a big splash on the fashion scene. Think about how you can incorporate these pieces into your current wardrobe, but also keep in mind how these items can get you out of your current fashion rut. However if you really feel like you can’t pull it off, then no worries. You only pay for the clothes that you're actually going to love and wear. 

Flaunt What You Got

Getting out of a fashion rut is 10% clothes and 90% attitude. It’s all about the willingness to recreate yourself and be confidence in the changes you’ve made. So as soon as your wardrobe is where you want it to be, hop on Instagram, log on Tumblr, and snap a picture on snapchat. Never be afraid of seeming confident.

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