Finding The Perfect (Modern) Doris Day Coat

I have a confession to make - I’m a huge old movie nerd. While the rest of the youth in my area were fulfilling their mallrat destinies, I was at home, in my pajamas, snuggled in with a pint of ice cream and staring starry-eyed at any old rom-com that happened to be playing on TCM. I’m serious, give me Audrey Hepburn in Paris or in Rome any night of the week and I was (ahem still am) hooked. But give me Doris Day in as a single business woman in a beautiful coat about to have a romantic entanglement with Rock Hudson, then I’m in heaven. There’s no denying that the magic of 1950s-1960s movie making had a lot to do with the costumes. And in a lot of ways, it inspired my everyday style and my everyday style rules.  So in this post I’m taking some inspiration from Doris herself while sharing some tips that may help you find your perfect springtime coat. All coats and photographs are from Zara, the perfect place to get your coat game on point. When you're done reading don't forget to go through the very blurry Doris Day slide show I made.

Color Theory

This spring I’m encouraging everyone to leave their All Black wardrobe behind. I know it’s hard but I promise it’s going to be worth it. Instead of rocking your typical black on black on black, step out of your comfort zone and take a page from Doris Day’s pink coat in Pillow Talk and embrace a new color. A colorful coat is the best way to easily switch up your everyday look. 

Cute as a Button

When it comes to coats and jackets, the fashion statement is always in the details. So when you go coat shopping, look for the details that are going to make your coat pop. Some of the coolest ways to do this is by looking for coats with contrasting buttons (For example: Orange coat and black buttons), exposed zippers, or wrap details. No matter which style you pick, you’re going to be making a Doris Day sized statement. 

Style Tips Coats

A Coat for Every Occasion 

Unfortunately, we can't wear a new coat every day ike Doris Day. So finding the perfect coat means that you have to accept that your coat will have limitations. Your perfect periwinkle peacoat maybe isn't the best option for a basement show in Philly. So pick up a coat that falls into the gaps  that your other coats aren't handling. Take me for example, I have enough top denim to last me for the next three decades. So my next coat buy should be something a little more dressed up. So no matter what coat you buy, think about the different ways you can wear it. And if your coat doesn't match up to at least two occasions, keep searching. 

At The End Of The Day, Go with a Classic 

If coat shopping overwhelms you, or if you just can't see yourself in a pale blue, textured, zipper exposed, coat then don't you worry. A classic trench coat is always in style. Pull a Doris and go with the traditional camel or switch it up with navy. A trench coat is a staple in every classy lady's closet so this might be the perfect time to get one. And if you don't feel like paying full price, make sure you check both the men and women's section of your local thrift store for you're new trench.  

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