Fashion Poll: Am I Too Trendy?

Once again, I am here to act as your vision guide, your shaman, your life coach, your friendly neighborhood Philadelphia fashion blogger, if you will, so that you can answer a very pressing and serious fashion question for yourself. Today I want you to ask yourself this, “Am I too Trendy?”

Being described as "trendy" has its pros and its cons. And that is totally dependent on the way that it’s said. Some pros of being trendy are the following. You are an authority on all things cool (much like every french fashion it girl), hip, and happening. You are your communities neighborhood fashion police. You always know where to find the latest and greatest clothes at all the hot spots. And lastly, no one can rock layering, high-low skirts, or thigh high boots like you can. But what about the cons? Chances are you’re dropping a lot of money on clothes. You need to go on a relatively large shopping excursion at the start of every new month. And sometimes taking a walk down the memory lane that is Timehop gives you cringe-worthy memories of your past as a scene kid.

The right amount of trendy is a tricky formula to manage so here are a few things to keep in mind.

The Style Ratio - Trendy Clothes vs. Closet Staples

It’s time for yet another Lifestonedism; Aka a word/phrase that I’ve made up entirely for the purpose of proving a point. Today’s Lifestonedism is The Style Ratio: a universal shopping principle of what kind of items should be in your shopping cart at all times. The Style Ratio is dependent on your budget and your lifestyle but I usually like to recommend a 2 to 1 ratio of classic clothing items to trendy clothing items. So for every trendy item you pick up, you should have two classic items to match. Not only does this cut down on costs, but it gives your wardrobe more longevity  

Longevity is High Fashion

Last week, I briefly touched on the emotional perils of being caught in a fashion rut, here's a preemptive way to nip that in the bud. Having a closet full of classic items that seamlessly match with your trendy choices, can cut down on shopping time, money spent on clothes, and can even push back the feeling of wanting to burn every item in your closet come spring cleaning time. Remember you technically only need one item to make your entire outfit trendy so start adding classic pieces to your wardrobe now. What’s That One Thing Coco Chanel said about Accessories?

Perhaps one of the most overused quotes in fashion, life, and maybe the entire internet is Coco Chanel’s famous quote about accessories. You know the one, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” This goes without saying but Coco was really onto something here. Too many accessories on an already loud outfit does not a good fashion statement make. Unless you are wearing a very plain jane outfit, I wouldn’t recommend overdoing it with the accessories. When too many accessories are involved, it’s easy for an outfit to wear you and not the other way around.

Inspiration Vs. Costuming

In fashion, everything old is new again. Every year we hear about how the trendiest thing is silhouettes from the 60s, or beading from the 20s, and coats from the 70s. Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of late 90s(yay!)/early 2000s (*cringe*) and 70s styles come back into play. As a person who is fan of big hair, jumpsuits, and casual midi skirts, this is great news for me. However, it is SO important to discuss that being inspired by clothing from the past and dressing exactly like you’re from the past are two completely different things. So repeat after me: You should never look like you’ve time traveled here from an early date in time. No matter how cute it might look on Tumblr, wearing your hair in braided pigtails while donning a beaded choker and jellies is way too trendy in the not so good kind of way. A major hallmark of fashion and style is modernity. So mix your something old with something new and think about that golden rule before pulling a full on Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Make sure you take the “Am I Too Trendy” quiz below and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook & Twitter.