Fashion Editorial: Giselle Reimagined (Just in Time For Halloween)

When I was a little girl, one of the many activities that I took part in every weekend involved ballet shoes, tutus, and some coordination that I had not yet developed. And although I took more to jazz, to only later abandon it for hip-hop and modern in my adolescence, there was something about ballet that always spoke to me. In fact, there was a point in my life where I was keeping up to date with the Bolshoi, The Royal Ballet, and the American Ballet Theatre so aggressively that I was starting to confuse my Facebook ads and my Amazon recommendations. So you know that when Misty Copeland was officially announced as the first black principal dancer at ABT, I cried real actual tears of joy.

For my first “official” Fashion Editorial I wanted to call back to one of my first creative loves - ballet. This editorial, styled and photographed by yours truly, is a modern interpretation of one of my favorites, Giselle.

Beautiful, dark, and weirdly perfect for Halloween, Giselle is a story of a beautiful, vibrant peasant girl named Giselle, who dies of a broken heart after discovering her lover is betrothed to another. After her death, Surrounded by tombstones in a forest cemetery, The Wilis (a group of white-tool clad supernatural women) who dance men to death, summon Giselle from her grave. They target her lover for death, but Giselle's great love frees him from their grasp.

This classic ballet is reimagined with the help of model Jenna Lam. In the first few pictures, she is carefree, vibrant, and in love. As the series progresses she experiences heartbreak and betrayal, the supernatural world of The Wilis, and then saves the day with love.

Model: Jenna Lam 
Stylist: Sola Onitiri
Photographer: Sola Onitiri

Thank you so much for stopping by! Huge thanks to my muse Jenna. I had a blast at this shoot. Are you a huge ballet fan? Do you think that The Wilis are on to something with the whole, dancing men to death thing? What do you think about the photos? Tell me that and more in the comment section. Also if you are interested in watching Giselle, the full ballet is available on Youtube. Watch it and let me know what you think. 

xx Sola