Constructing The Perfect "Nope" Outfit

Folks, the day has finally come. I knew fall wouldn't last forever but alas, here I am buried beneath a pile of tissues and hugging my Macbook Pro for warmth. Days like this call for a Nope Outfit. What's a Nope outfit you may ask? Good question my friend. A Nope Outfit is what you wear when you want to go back to bed but society is tell you that you have to "wear pants" and "be a functioning adult." A Nope Outfit is perfect for frosty winter days, late night snack runs to Wawa, hangovers, and finals week. I'm a firm believer that an outfit can be both functional and stylish, so here's a top to bottom guide on how to look good on the outside when you feel like NOPE on the inside. 

1. The Beanie

Come on, you're not going to do your hair to get a pint of Half Baked - It's cold out there! Luckily for you, it's beanie season. Put down that curling wand, straightener or brush and throw on a beanie of your choice. Because no Nope Outfit is complete without it.

2. Flannel, Sweater, Hoodie Combo

 via my good friends over at  qwear  

via my good friends over at qwear 

Philly winters are no joke. You either learn to layer up or you die in what feels like  the other side of the wall in Game of Thrones. So here's the choice of top wear combos you should consider: Printed button up/flannel + Solid color sweater with a hoodie. Or your favorite flannel and a solid colored cable knit cardigan. 

3. blanket scarves  

Think Lenny Kravitz. If you're scarf isn't big enough to envelope you whole/take a nap in  then go bigger. Because not only are large scarves warm, they also lend an element of glamour and drama that smaller scarves can't achieve. Pick a scarf that matches your coat, beanie or shoes. 



Wear jeggings, wear denim, wear a skirt and tights, wear slacks, wear hammer pants, wear fishnets, wear ANYTHING. BUT. SWEATPANTS. Sweatpants are an at-home item. That means do not step out of the house in sweatpants. It takes just as much energy to put on a real pair of pants so pick the one that doesn't make you look like you've completely given up. *End Rant* 

5. Oxford Flats

The best way to seem like you mean business, even if you're leaving work early to go binge watch Gilmore Girls, is to rock some serious footwear. And the best fake it till you make it comfort shoe are Oxford Flats. Perfect for the winter, make sure you buy a pair with a thick sole and ridges just in case you come across any icy sidewalks. 

6. Sunglasses 

No cool kid look is complete without a pair of shades. And if you're hungover you're totally going to need them. 

Add a coat and presto - your perfect Nope outfit that also makes you look like an off duty model. Notice that the beanie and sunglasses are the extent of your accessories for this look, because who needs 'em. 

To be perfectly honest, my nope outfit is all black and typically my style for the entire  winter season. What does your Nope Outfit consist of? Am I being to harsh on Sweatpants (hint: NO)? Let me know below or on Twitter and the brand new Facebook Page!