GIVEAWAY! Celebrate the Start of Let's Get Going by Winning a Pair of Perverse Sunglasses

If you haven't heard already, Lifestoned Adventures is undergoing a big 90s teen movie makeover and becoming Let's Get Going! And because we feel bad about moving you, our virtual children, across the interwebs a la Max Keeble's Big Move, we are bribing you to love us again with a free pair of Perverse Sunglasses

Want to put your hat in the game for one of these amazing pair of sunglasses priced at about $60? All you need to do is follow @nowletsgetgoing and @perversesunglasses on Instagram and Facebook. Yup, it's that simple. This giveaway will be up for 7 days so don't dilly-dally, we want to see you in an amazing pair of Perverse Sunglasses.

Want a better shot at winning. Tag your friends in any of the posts!