Valentine’s Day Gifts For The True #RelationshipGoals...You + Your Cat

If there’s anything I learned since jumping into the whirlpool of post grad adulthood, it’s that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a cat lady. Yeah, I said it. Absolutely nothing. Your love for your cat has very little to do with your love life. In fact, having a cat can actually help you narrow down your choices of potential partners better than the algorithm. Hear me out. If you find a person that hates cats, is allergic to cats, and can't stand people who care about them - then that person is probably not for you and is also low key the spawn of Satan. See it's basically mathematic! Because let’s be honest that special person in your life walks on four legs and has whiskers. Yeah, they might knock things down off your dresser or attempt to steal food off your plate, but show me a good friend who hasn’t done the same after a crazy night out? Here are some gifts to treat two of the coolest cats on the planet: You and your furry best friend.

Personalized Kitty Cat Necklace

cat necklace .jpg

When you’re not snapchatting adorable pictures of your cat, keep them with you at all times with a personalized kitty cat necklace. This handmade item is the perfect charm for every cat lover. Best part? You can engrave your (or their) initials on your charm.

KITTY CAT NECKLACE | Earrings Nation


For all of you gamers out there, pickles the cat is no stranger to you. This extremely well priced Pinback button is coveted for collectors and pretty darn cute. Think of all the conversations that will be started because of this bad boy.

Neko Atusme Pickles the Cat Pin | DIY Custom Buttons


These felt and wool gloves are so comfortable they’ll make you feel like you're petting your cat all day long. Peep the amazing hand stitched details.

Cat Gloves | Talking Gloves


Enjoy a slice of pizza with your cat. While you chomp down on an extra cheesy pepperoni slice, give them a catnip slice of their own. This handmade item is made with Felt, Certified Organic Catnip, Fiber Fill, Thread, and Love. 

Pizza Cat Toy - Catnip Cat Toy | Furball Fanatic

Can I get a Window Seat? 

Get your cat-Feng-Shui on with some new furniture. This cat hammock will have your cat chilling in their favorite nook of your apartment. 

Window Cat Bed | By Adissara 

Feline Art 

Treat yo self with some fine feline art. Not only are these super cute, these watercolor cats prints are perfect for giving your apartment a little cat like spruce up.

Peeking Black Cat Watercolor Painting Art Print | Little Cat Draw

Caffeine + Cats 

You're going to love this mug almost as much as you love your cat and caffeine combined. It’s well made, it's adorable, and it fully encapsulates that 7am feeling of don’t even look at me until I get my coffee.   

Funny Grumpy Cat Mug | Mix Mugs 

Keep Your (Cat) ears Warm

Sometimes you and your cat just need to match. Check out these adorable knit cat ear hats. Perfect for the cold and perfect for snuggling. 

Knit Cat Ear Hat | By Sweet Mom 

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