Be A Part of The September Issue!

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Hi y'all, Sola here! I'm so excited to announce the start of a new project. But before I dive into it, I want you to imagine me pointing at you like I'm recruiting you to the United States Army (but like 200% less problematic) because in order to do this project I will need you

This August I'm putting together a September Issue.

Vogue The September Issue

All of you fashionistas, fashion plates, and budding style icons are probably familiar with what a September Issue is. For those of you who are not so inclined let me break it down for you. The September Issue (now immortalized forever in an incredible documentary) is the biggest, most important volume in a fashion magazine's year. Typically when we talk about the September issue, we're talking about Ana Wintour's Vogue, but pretty much every fashion magazine puts all their weight behind making their magazines really sing for September. 

Well, this year I'm joining the ranks and creating a Lifestoned Adventures September Issue. However, I can't do it without you! 

So, If you are a writer, photographer, artist, creative director, videographer, model, fashion designer, boutique honor, or all of the above - I want you to contribute a story, pictures, or content for the September Issue. Getting your story to me is super easy too! All I need from you is an email introducing outlining your idea for the story or fashion editorial and I will email you back immediately with additional details and a deadline. If creating is really not your jam but you have an organization, company, or brand that you would love featured in the issue, send that information to me via email as well.

Sound good? Then let's get creative Philly! Send all emails to by August 6th, 2016. There is a limit to how many stories I can include so please submit quickly. And remember, Lifestoned Adventures is about self-love, positivity, creativity, and honesty, so no plagiarism, explicit content, or anything that promotes violence, hatred, or bodily harm.