Blogger style tips: Styling The Perfect Rain Proof Outfit

We all know that April showers bring May flowers. But we always tend to ignore the whole showers part, especially when it comes to fashion. Your spring wardrobe does not need to take a beating every time it rains. In fact, stormy weather is the perfect time to flex your style muscles. Don't settle for being completely covered by oversized rainproof hoodies and flimsy printed umbrellas that fit conveniently into your tote. You're better than that. You deserve to rock the hottest spring styles. You deserve clear ponchos. You deserve jumping over puddles in stilettos. As your friendly neighborhood Philadelphia style blogger, I'm breaking down the things you need to keep in mind so you can be chic and functional at the same time. Because you need a 'rainfit' (rain + outfit)  that can protect you from the elements while making a bit of a splash. Here's how to rock your rain gear like a pro. Before I get started I want to give a huge shout out to our lovely model Ola and photographer and creative director of this shoot, House of Sym CEO, Kuan Malic. 

get The right fashion rain Gear

Fashion Fit For Rain
Rain-Proof Fashion Statements

If there's one thing living in Philly has taught me, it's that your outfit must be prepared for at least three random weather changes. Because, in the morning it's going to be cold, at lunch it might be scorching hot, and by the time you're commuting home, there are probably going to be thunderstorms. So your outfit must be ready for all of those changes and more. A regular old raincoat can be boring and actually generate a little too much heat for the upcoming warm spring days, and depending on the material, and make too much noise when you're moving around. Instead of the same old, same old, grab a tailored rain cape rather than a rain coat. It gives you a sleek classic look while giving you a little ventilation. After you throw on your cape, grab your favorite wide brimmed hat, an umbrella big enough so that you don't loose it, and hit the puddled streets with confidence. 

JUST Add a pop of Color to amp up your look

Philadelphia Fashion
DIY Floral Crowns For The Rain

Just because it's raining outside, doesn't mean you need to dress in all black or grey. Instead of wearing the typical all black uniform, don't be afraid to add some color to your black and white. And due to rainy, cloudy weather conditions, adding some color will literally illuminate your look. However when it comes to colors, there's one thing you must keep in mind and that's your choice of fabric. When colors are a part of your rain wardrobe, you want to make sure you're wearing materials like cotton or polyester. These fabrics dry fast and won't leave embarrassing water stains thus allowing you to skip through the streets like your Audrey Hepburn skipping around Paris in Funny Face. 

THE ABCS (Always Be cool) w/ a see through poncho 

How To Dress For Rain
How to Style A Clear Poncho

Your 'rainfit' doesn't need to be all business all the time. Sometimes you need to just casually look super fashionable on your walk to Wawa. You know, just in case you run into any haters. And what's really going to make your haters mad is looking so good in the rain that the sun decides to come out. Put your full outfit on display with a clear poncho or rain coat - It's the ultimate fashionable power play. If you're going clear, make sure you pick out a printed top so it's truly an eye catcher. Accessories with a cute purse or backpack that you can wear under the poncho and add a baseball cap for a Alexander Wang-esque aesthetic. 

The Perfect Rain Proof Outfit



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Model: Adeola Goodwin
Photographer: Kuan Malic
Creative Director: Kuan Malic
Editor: Sola Onitiri
Stylists: Sola Onitiri & Kuan Malic