An Exclusive Look Behind Philly Fashion & Art Showcase "COVERED" Gold Is Not A Color

I had the opportunity to host and peek at what might be the biggest fashion and art showcases of the summer. Models strutted around my kitchen as fashion designer, artist, and CEO of House of Sym, Kuan Malic explained to me the concept of COVERED "Gold Is Not A Color." Awestruck is the only words that come to mind when I think of the vastness of Kuan's alchemy themed exploration of fine art, performance art, and fashion. I shouldn't be surprised either, I'm no stranger to watching Kuan work his magic. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Here's everything you need to know about this upcoming showcase and a special sneak peek behind the clothes, performers, and models that make up COVERED "Gold Is Not A Color"

"COVERED is not just fashion show".

Kuan made this point abundantly clear to the models who were extremely poised despite the heat trapped in my apartment. He takes a long look at them before going to the makeshift clothing rack and putting them in their respective outfits. The materials he's using manage to achieve the perfect amount of contrast and trail behind the models as they begin to walk. Kuan's not interested in high fashion runway walks, he wants them to walk slowly, menacingly, and above all, with presence. 

The fabric moved so well that I literally ran to get my camera.

I snapped a few more pictures as Kuan explained the concept around the show as a whole. Inspired by the transmutation and demarcation of alchemy, COVERED "Gold Is Not A Color" is a multimedia event that represents our truest form - Golden. 

The show, taking place on Monday, June 27, 2016 at Open Space, will include 17 of Kuan's original paintings, two of his sculptures, performance art, a jazz singer, a violinist, and 13 hand selected models wearing the latest House of Sym collection inspired by this concept. Essentially, it's going to be a gold feast for the eyes.

I was so inspired by his creativity that I had to get in on the action. Below are some editorial shots of some of the models in the House of Sym Covered collection. See the rest of the clothes and the models on Monday, June 27th, with me, local Philly photographers, models, and artists. For more information and tickets to COVERED "Gold Is Not A Color" head over to House of Sym's Facebook page.