Kickstarting Alterre: Shoes For Women Who Are On The Move

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Let's be honest ladies, we are constantly on the move. I’m not talking about the yogurt commercial kind of on the move where women in sundresses are gracefully jumping onto the trolley in San Francisco or hailing cabs in New York City. I mean the, wake up with a mile long list of things to do and manage to get a good deal of it done before work even starts, on the move. We don’t just move, we hustle. Sadly, shopping can sometimes take a back seat to our busy schedules. Or even worse, the clothes and shoes that we do buy don’t accommodate our busy schedules. Take, for example, shoes.

You know the conundrum I’m talking about. Bringing flats to work because the heels you have on are only comfortable for a millisecond before you feel like you’re walking on hot glass. And before you know it, under your desk looks like the shoe department at Macy’s. You shouldn’t have to carry around four different pairs of shoes to make it through the day. And you shouldn't have to sacrifice style in order to minimize your shoe time.  

Luckily, there are some on the move ladies who are on the case. Harmony Pilobello and Shilpa Iyengar are the brains and beauties behind Alterre and they need your help. But first, let me introduce you to your new favorite pair (I mean pairs) of shoes. 

Alterre is an innovative line of interchangeable shoes for the modern woman. With their patented technology, you can transform a pair of shoes with over 125 combinations. All of their shoes are designed in their New York Studio and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil. Plus, they donate 5% of the proceeds to the women's abuse shelter Restore NYC. So you get to do good while you look good.

Alterre shoes are awesome because it’s all about mobile options. You can go from day to night in a literal snap. Not to mention that these shoes are perfect for travel. Think of all the room you’ll have for more clothes and accessories.

Above all else, Alterre centers around the brilliant yet simple idea of owning cute and comfortable shoes. Because who cares if they interchange if they still give you that, walking over broken glass feeling. All of their shoes are wider at the ball of the foot than the average women's shoe, with heel heights tested for comfort. Plus they went the extra mile and added foam padding under the sock liner to make them perfect for all day wear.

Like I mentioned above, to continue making incredible shoes, the ladies at Alterre need your help. They are raising $15,000 to help fund new styles for next season and there are only 8 more days (Deadline June 15th) to help make more interchangeable shoes a reality. Visit their Kickstarter page to learn more and donate! Their perks are amazing.

If you still need a little more insight as to how these shoes work check out their super fun video below. 

How much do you need these shoes? How many shoes do you currently have under your desk? What's your favorite yogurt commercial (Trick question the answer is Jaime Lee Curtis's Actvia commercials)? Tell me all about it below or on Facebook! 

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