7 Takeaways From The Month of November

Hi, can you help me? I've seemed to have misplaced the ENTIRE month of November. I mean seriously, where did the time go? It feels like it was only a few days ago that I was dreaming of turkey and wine, and now I'm sitting here under a pile of candy cane wrappers. Not that I'm complaining, the Christmas season is the only thing that makes the cold winter weather worth it. Plus tis the season for sugary sweets, Mariah Carey, and making resolutions that I will soon abandon for more sugary sweets. 

But as always, life is nothing without reflection. And even though November seems to have gotten away from me, there are still some takeaways from this month to keep in mind. 

1. Thanksgiving is For Eating, Not For Calorie Counting 

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it speaks to the side of me that has zero self control. And when I say zero self control, I mean going up for thirds and chasing thirds with wine and chocolate mousse. Typically, this is not personally or socially acceptable. But on Thanksgiving, there is absolutely no holds bard and boy did I take advantage of that. 

2. Leather Makes Everything Better

Leather is all over the runway and all over me and I can't get enough of it. However thanks to my complete appreciation for Thanksgiving (#NoRegrats) I'm a few miles away from fitting into the trend of the winter - leather pants. Luckily, I still have my leather jacket, leather oxfords, and leather boots to keep me company until I can wiggle in a pair of bad ass leather pants. 

3. Who Run The World? (Girls)

As a committed Marvelphile, I've been waiting for the Netflix Original series Jessica Jones for what seems like my entire life. This November, the wait finally came to an end. Dark, heartbreaking, and extremely complex, Jessica Jones is the hero that the world needs to see and the answer to the idiotic question of if people would really watch a female superhero on the screen. Go to Netflix and watch it because Jessica Jones  quite literally smashes the patriarchy in her amazing leather jacket. [Trigger Warnings for the series: rape, violence, blood, drug usage]

4. Sangria is the True MVP

As the designated mixologist of my family, it's my job to comprise the booze list and make liquid magic on special occasions and holidays. This year, I ventured a little bit outside of the box of traditional sangria and started a new alcoholic fall tradition - Apple Cider Sangria. And it was a knock out (I mean literally, it knocked my mom out after dinner) and worth every drop. Head over to Iowa Girl Eats for the recipe and browse my Classic Cocktails Pinterest Board for more inspiration. 

5. We Are Nothing Without Compassion

This month, we were once again confronted with the fact that not everyone could celebrate the holidays with their family and friends. This month, families, cities, and countries mourn the loss of our fellow man to evil and terrorism. So m deepest thought's and prayers are with everyone who lost someone special in the Paris attacks.

My heart is also with the innocent who are being prosecuted for crimes done in the name of their God; Islam is not hate and you are not responsible nor need to apologize for extremists who use holy texts to selfishly push an agenda of terror. To those in a position to help, remember that this terrorist attack is the daily struggle that refugees are fleeing from. Remember that this is a country that should right the wrongs of past infractions, and remember that we are nothing without compassion

6. I Stand With Planned Parenthood 

Sadly, we face this same kind of terror at home. It's no secret that awful people stand outside Planned Parenthood to yell and berate those who are going in, but last week we saw what this rhetoric creates. Planned Parenthood provides women with health care and choices. Everyone who works, visits, or frequents their is a testament to years of struggling for a women's right to make decisions about her own body. Each and everyone of you are brave, fearless, and do not deserve to be targeted for equal rights. My thoughts and prayers to all of the friends and family that lost someone. I stand with you, and I stand with Planned Parenthood. 

7.  "Do You"

This phrase has been popping up a lot in my life and for the first time, I really, truly feel like I understand it. This entire month I've been interviewing/photographing queer people of color for a monthly column I'm writing for queer fashion blog Qwear and every person I interviewed gave me the same bit of fashion advice, "Do You." It really made me reflect on my own personal style and journey and I couldn't agree more. "Doing You" is bumpy road, but ultimately the path leads to greatness. 

It got a little heavy there at the end but I really felt like I needed to say those things, so thanks for sticking it out! 

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