7 Takeaways from the Month of October

As we say goodbye to pumpkin spiced flavored everything and hello to listening to Mariah Carey's Christmas wants and wishes on the radio before we can even say cranberry sauce, I need to take little time to reflect on the lessons I've learned in the magical month of October. Here are my 7 Takeaways from the Month of October. 

1. Me: 1, Vengeful spirits: 0

I can happily say that I survived October without awakening any spirits that want to drag me to hell. I didn't touch a single ouija boards this month and my zero evil spirits counts is a testament to that action.

2. Illicit drugs might just start the (I)zombie apocalypse

Izombie is the funnest most heart warming show on television right now and I stick by that. This month my roommates and binge-watching partners in crime caught up on Izombie (Season 1 now available on Netflix) and we can't stop talking about it. It's perfect for those of you who can't handle The Walking Dead but still want to get your zombie fix on.

3. Racism & Police Brutality is the scarier than anything you'll see on TV


By now you have probably seen the footage of a police officer slamming a student into the floor, dragging her across the room, and arresting her in front of a classroom of peers. Now that we've all seen it, I encourage you to never forget it. Black lives matter, black girls matter, and police brutality MUST be stomped out.  

4. Saving a town from a curse with a rag tag group of friends is the best fall activity

This Halloween season I was able to fully articulate and exercise my love for the tried and true genre of kids saving the day/town from a terrible curse because who the hell else is going to do it. Not only did I skip out on Crimson Peak for Goosebumps (A movie that honestly felt like it was release in '98 in the best way possible) but I also had the chance to watch the cult - not in the least bit PC - classic, Monster Squad for the first time.  

5. Buzz Management saves lives

Halloween, much like New Years or St. Patrick's Day, is the World Series of drinking. And when Halloween is on a weekend the stakes seem so much higher. Luckily for me, I have Dan Pashman,  host of one of my favorite podcasts The Sporkful. A few months back he interviewed Matthew Latkiewicz, author of You Suck At Drinking, to discuss buzz management. The advice from this episode helped me get on the other side of Halloween parties relatively unscathed. 

6. I don't wait for New Years to change a routine

If I had to describe my hair and beauty routine in one word it would probably be "Tomboyish." However, after breaking out like a 13 year old boy in the throughs of puberty, I decided to step my skin care game up. This entire month I've been taking care of my skin like a Korean Youtube  beauty guru and my face is very happy about it. 

7. I'm now in the Camp of Camp Horror

I'm a notorious scaredy cat. If a movie involves ghosts, demons, or the Boogie Man (I'm looking at you Don't Look Under the Bed) then I feel that I have no business watching it. So the genre of horror was pretty much a no-no for me until this year. This year, with the help of roommate/horror fan Jackie and podcast How Did This Get Made, I have discovered the joy that is old, 80s, camp horror and I'm never looking back. Number one pick: Death Spa. Please, please, please watch this movie. It's absolutely, in the words of the How Did This Get Made cast, BONKERS. 

What did you learn this Halloween month! Let me know below or on Twitter or Instagram. Let's get this length holiday season started. (Alriiiiiight)