6 Things I Learned From One Year of Being Natural

Oh how the time has passed. I can't believe that it's been a year since I took a pair of scissors into my shaky hands and cut off my limp chemically treated hair. As a lot of you may know, it was a very significant moment in my life, and now on the other side of the big chop I can say that I'm harder, better, faster, and stronger. Ok I'm not faster or harder but I'm totally stronger and I have a lot of lessons learned as a result of this beauty (more like lifestyle) decision.




1. I Can Rock Short Hair (And So Can You) 

You've seen the articles and heard the patriarchal murmurs about how women with short hair are somehow not as aesthetically pleasing as those with long hair. Ladies, non-binary folks, fellas, beauty magazine editors, and everyone else hear me out: EVERYONE AND ANYONE CAN ROCK SHORT HAIR. As soon as I put the scissors down, I waited for a wave of regret and depression to hit me. To my surprise, I looked in the mirror, picked up a brush, and did my best Beyonce impression. I realized that the fear I had about my beauty and confidence diminishing as a result of a haircut was ridiculous 

2. I'm My Own Hair Stylist  

I haven't been to the salon in 2 years. Even typing that gives me a mini heart attack, because I come from a long line of salon goers. Since being natural, I've cut, dyed, styled, and braided my hair all by lonesome. On top of being significantly cheaper than going to the salon, becoming my own hair stylist has both demystified the conundrum of my tangly thick hair and made me appreciate it even more. 



3. Work Ethic 

Having natural hair is basically like having a part time job. Seriously. I'm not kidding. It its. I literally have pencil in time for hair maintenance because if I don't It will show. Cons: I probably don't get enough sleep. Pros: I have killer arms and a killer afro to match. 

4. Patience 

After my big chop, I expected to have beautiful YouTube beauty guru hair INSTANTLY. And boy was I completely and utterly wrong on that. I'm keeping it so 100 when I say I looked a mess in the first few months. Trust and believe, that stage built character. But I kept at it, I made my own tips and tricks for my hair, and I learned that patience and work ethic go hand in hand. 

5.  Sense of Community   

The best part of being natural in 2015 is that there are thousands of Youtube channels, blogs, and forums filled with people who have been through or are going through the same struggles as I am. 

6. The Possibilities are Endless 

 Current twists 

Current twists 

I've had three different hair colors, two haircuts, twists, bangs, and a faux hawk in one year of being natural. I've been through a lot of changes in the last year, but I know that if I can rock a faux hawk I can tackle anything else the world's gonna throw at me 

Here's to the next year of learning, growing, and coconut oil. 

Cheers x Sola