6 Biggest Fashion Lessons I Learned From Watching Clueless Like 50 Times

In honor of Clueless being old enough to buy itself an alcoholic beverage I thought it was high time I look back at one of our generation's most iconic fashion films and reflect on all it has taught me. Here are the 6 biggest fashion lessons I Learned from watching Clueless upwards to 50 times.

1. Never be afraid to be a hat person

Dionne Outfits in Clueless

Although Stacey Dash is now a little...well, you know...Stacey Dash, I think this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning all of the hats she wears in this gem of a film. It takes a whole lot of confidence to rock a hat like that. As a proud hat person, I understand that fashion choice in my bone.


2. Plaid Can Be Formal

Clueless Cher and Dionne

Reserved for more of a casual and grunge look, the iconic power suits that Cher and Dionne wear are a testament to the versatility of plaid. Worn dressed up or dress down, plaid should still be a staple for everyone.     


3. Dudes need to up their fashion game

Menswear and Clueless

“I don’t want to be a traitor to my generation and all, but I don’t get how guys dress today.” For real though, is there a quote that describes my thoughts on menswear better? Answer: no there isn’t. Luckily, thanks to Men’s New York Fashion Week and the rise of dapperness, maybe I won’t have to repeat this quote for much longer.

4. The Power of A Makeover

Makeovers can unlock the key to confidence and change lives in unimaginable ways . With just a few tweaks here and there, Cher was able to take Ms. Geit from hilariously drab to “like super” fab. And it’s exactly what she needed to go from unhappy disheveled fashion disaster to a happy beautiful bride by the end of the movie.  


5. Loving fashion isn’t dumb

Loving fashion doesn’t make you incapable of being like totally deep. Cher’s attention to detail and aesthetics are actually what makes her a great friend, a caring daughter, and an excellent person. So next time someone dismisses your love of fashion think about Clueless.


6. Individualism is the key to fashion

90s Fashion and Clueless

The extras in clueless are without a doubt the best part of the movie. Next time you watch Clueless, keep an eye out for what Cher’s classmates are wearing to history class. Although the high school hierarchy is completely contingent on cliques and groups, everyone’s outfits are very different, out there, and so very 90s. It’s pretty much a daily reminder to dress to the beat of your own drum.  

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