5 Ways To Style A Midi Skirt (Because You're Going To Want 5 of Them).

Despite the weird weather shuffle that’s going on right now, spring has officially sprung. And now that it’s all nice weather, sangria, and music festivals, you’re going to need a staple piece that’s will take you from breezy spring nights all the way to the sweltering summer days. Luckily for all of us, I have just the thing - The midi skirt. For those of you who may not be familiar, a midi is a skirt that is not quite as long as a maxi but nowhere near a short as a mini. Essentially, it’s the Switzerland of spring/summer bottoms. And no matter what glorious shape and size you’re rockin’, a midi skirt is going to look incredible on you, because midi’s are for everyone! And everyone's personal style can accommodate them. So here’s a few example of the different ways you style a midi.  

The Cool Girl Style 

Besides this being one of my favorite #aesthetics, the cool girl look is great because it's all about the graphic Tee. Matching your favorite band shirt, or tank to a textured or denim midi will elevate your style to Zoe Kravitz-like coolness. Don’t be afraid to put on your favorite baseball cap and swing on your trusty leather backpack, because this outfit is all about comfort and style.


The Parisian Style

Paris It Girl Style

Flowy, subtle, pink, and so very chic. That’s exactly how I would describe the Parisian midi look. The Parisian outfit is all about getting in touch with your light feminine style, so think soft fabrics and silhouettes. Also, don’t be afraid to go with a pleated skirt in a solid cream color paired with stripes or a floral print. This look can be perfectly accompanied by your favorite springtime coat.


The Show Stopper Style

You’re going to the club with your friends but you’re really not feeling the short bodycon skirt that you originally picked out. Luckily for you, you also have that midi lace trimmed lil' number. Add your favorite Va Va Voom lingerie-inspired top or cut-out-crop-top and you’re going to be heartbreaking the night away.

The Minimalist

If you’re looking for a no muss no fuss minimalistic look, then you need to get yourself a midi skirt because it will do all of the heavy-lifting for you. A well-tailored structure blouse paired with an a-line midi is all you need to achieve several sophisticated minimalistic outfits. Ditch poppy statement necklaces and loud colors for neutrals/pastels and geometric jewelry. Remember, less is more.   

The Executive Femme Fatale  

This last look is for all of you go-getting girl bosses out there. You're a hard working shot caller, so you need a look that will embody that strength and more. Midis are not all a-line, lace trimmed, and flowy. Some midis are perfect for the boardroom and celebratory drinks for a job well done. This all black get up allows you to be professional but still a little sexy. See, us girls can truly have it all.  

What midi style feels like you? Let me know below or on Facebook and Pinterest. 

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