5 Things From Your Mom's Closet That Will Perfect Your Fall Wardrobe

Some of the best fashion advice I have ever received didn’t come from fashion magazines, blogs, or TV programs - it came from the OG herself, my mom. And it’s no wonder. When you think about it, many of our first fashion memories come from our moms. Whether it's rifling through our mom’s closet for sleepover dress up, making trips to the mall for back to school shopping, or maybe even battling it out on whether that skirt really is too short. Because when it comes down to it, your mom’s wealth of knowledge isn’t limited to just career advice and dating tips (You know, because she really wants to see you settled down and happy). It's also, much like her closet, seemingly never ending, brimming with stories, and filled with love. So here are the five things from the 80s that may or may not be left in your mom’s closet and here's why they'll make your fall wardrobe absolutely rad.

1. The Pleated Skirt 

Pleated skirts were all the rage this NYFW and with good reason. Pleated skirts are the best way to give your outfit dimension and texture. A silhouette that looks good on every shape and size, the pleated skirt is perfection in midi and maxi lengths. For those of you who have been here a while, you already know that midi skirts have a special place in my heart and my closet so be sure to pick one of these bad boys up in metallics and deep colors like emerald or maroon. Match with the other items on this list or throw on your favorite T for the ‘Cool Girl’ look. Plus, there's no way your mom's going to think this one's too short.

2. Embroidered Jeans

One of the biggest fall fashion trends of 2016, embroidered jeans are the funnest way to get your outfits denim quota fulfilled. Fashion’s love affair with denim is no secret, but sometimes it's hard to feel like denim is the right choice when you’re trying to take some fashion risks. If you’re feeling like you've hit a denim slump, run and get a pair of embroidered mom jeans. The pop of color and design of the embroidery will turn heads and start conversations.

3. Tall Boots

The 80s was an era of big hair, loud clothes, and tall statement boots. And when it comes to shoes, I feel like we’re getting closer and closer to the heyday of the 80s. This is a direction that I don't mind at all. Tall boots with a short heel is a look that good ol’ mom rocked all 80s long and with good reason. Slimming, sleek, and chic, tall boots make a statement while keeping you comfortable. That’s as mom proof and approved as it gets.

4. Ruffled Shirts

The ruffled shirt is a style that every generation has recreated and worn. No matter how much the generations before us loved or hated this style, it always comes back. Thanks to top fashion bloggers and fall trend setters, ruffles have once again emerged from the fashion grave to make us feel feminine, dainty and, to be completely honest, a little bit ridiculous. When it comes to this look, take your mom’s advice about moderation - before too many ruffles happens to you. 

5. Blazers 

There are no two people alive more excited that blazers are making fall 2016 fashion trends appearance than me and my mom - because our blazer game is so strong. The thing about blazers that people tend to forget is that they provide a vast amount of wardrobe variety. Blazers come in all different kinds of cuts, shapes, and colors - they're the ultimate fashion chameleon. So don’t just pull out your blazer for job interviews, experiment with different cuts and styles for the ultimate fall look.

Five Fall Pieces That Are Mom Approved




What are some fashion lessons you've learned from your mom? What are some things you steal from her closet. Are you surprised that the 80s are the Real MVP of this fall 2016 fashion season? Let me know below! Big thanks to Retrowave.com for these amazing catalogue pictures. Also don't forget to click on the looks if you're interested in purchasing any of this falls hottest trends