15 Reasons Why Post-Grads Low Key Miss College

Happy September everyone! Can't you just smell the fresh school supplies in the air? No? Just me? That's okay. Now that I'm not a student and fully entrenched in the struggle that is post-grad life, I thought I would remind myself and some other post grads what college life was like. If you're still in school, read this and appreciate what you have while you still have it. Here are the 15 reasons why post grads Low-Key miss college. 

1. Excused absences

The joy of rolling over, looking at your alarm clock and deciding to sit the day out is a luxury you may never know again. Mostly, because this luxury doesn’t include the awkward email you send to your boss where you try and sound sick and not just hungover.  

2. Speaking of hangovers…

Remember when being hungover didn’t feel like the bubonic plague? The ability to bounce back after a night of drinking is wasted on the young.  

3. Getting a class canceled email before leaving your dorm

The feeling of Christmas, your birthday, and Fourth of July wrapped up in one email.

4. Naptime, glorious naptime  

Scheduling a nap midday just ‘cuz blows working through lunch way out of the water.

5. Free gym memberships

Deciding to not go to the gym as a post grad is demoralizing. Not going to the free gym as an undergrad is just a lifestyle choice.

6. Study Abroad

“Studying” in Rome and “Researching” in Prague was a great cheap way to get out of the country and party. Now your only travel plan is your daily commute to work.

7. “Student” is an occupation

Explaining what you do at a party use to be easy (Name, college, major. Lather, rinse repeat). Now it’s an anxiety-filled process where you’re comparing your accomplishments to your peers who are already married and discussing their 401Ks.

8. Junk Food

Buckets of guilt-free junk food and regret-free trips to Taco Bell.

9. Meal cards and meal swipes

Before the cruel realities of take-out vs. grocery shopping there was the student dining center. A magical land of bottomless pizza, unlimited ice cream, and a salad bar with croutons.

10. Free Stuff

Perhaps the best part of college campuses is the frequency at which strangers shove free t-shirts, pens, snacks and other semi-useful trinkets into your hands. 

11. Student Discounts

A student ID opens up a whole new door of possibilities. And these possibilities range from cheap movie tickets all the way to a killer online shopping discount.

12. Christmas Break

The true miracle of Christmas is the FULL MONTH you use to get off to binge watch shows at your parents' house while you ate home cooked meals and did heaps of laundry for free.

13. Spring Break

Christmas break might be for family but Spring Break is most certainly for friends. Imagine it, no time conflicts and no negotiating time off. Just you, your best friends, the beach, and a beer14.

14. Fridays Off

Chances are, by sophomore year you mastered the coveted “No classes on Friday” schedule. And what a beautiful, beautiful schedule that was.

15. Your social life

Face it, your social life was poppin’ back when 10pm was the start of a crazy night and not bedtime.

Ah, the good ol' days of college.

Are you done with school, still in school, or missing school. Did I miss anything? Let me know below or on Facebook and Twitter!