The Ultimate Guide to Old City Fest 2016

If you're looking for the perfect way to spend a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, look no further than Old City Fest 2016. Old City Fest is the ultimate celebration in all that this vibrant neighborhood has to offer and believe me that's a lot. Here are the places to keep your eyes peeled for when you hit the streets this Sunday, Oct. 9 from 11 am to 6pm. 

For Bites & Brews

Panorama Restaurant - 4 N Front Street

Old City Fest at Panorama
Panorama Old City

Panorama is a beautiful, authentic Italian restaurant located in the Penn View Hotel on Front Street. Known for their updates on classic Italian recipes and dishes, Panorama is an Old City delight that specializes in decadent homemade pastas and classic desserts.

Why you should stop by: The Wine...All The Wine
On top of their amazing menu, Panorama also has 120 wines on tap and an additional 150 wines available by the glass. If you’re thinking “Whoa that’s a lot of wine,” you and The Guinness Book of World Records are in agreement - Panorama is home to the largest wine preservation and dispensing system in the world.

ICI Macarons & Cafe - 230 Arch Street

Old City Fest ICI
Old City Fest

After a few hours on the streets of Old City, you’re going to need a delicious snack - may I be the first to recommend that snack being macarons. ICI Macarons & Cafe is about a year old and is already known citywide for their delicious macarons, shortbread, and locally-brewed ReAnimator coffee. Whatever occasion you need macarons for, ICI got you. Pick from 28 classic delicious flavors and enjoy your treat at their cozy cafe or on the go. ICI also does bulk orders for special events and weddings.

Why you should go: Let me reiterate...28 different flavors of macaroons
Seriously. 28 different delicious flavors and croissants. What more could your sweet tooth need?

The Little Lion - 243 Chestnut Street

The Little Lion - Old City Fest
The Little Lion - Old City Fest

The best way to end a beautiful day in Old City is to grab your crew and head to The Little Lion. A repurposed bank building with a classic American menu, exciting cocktails, and an extensive beer list, The Little Lion is food heaven for every kind of eater in your crew. Standout items on the menu include the Blackened Catfish and the Macaroni & Cheese with buttered breadcrumbs

Why you should go: Great food and ambiance to match
It’s impossible to step foot in The Little Lion and not feel like you’re privy to some kind of secret foodie information. Unlike many stereotypical "foodie" spots, The Little Lion is both impeccably decorated and devoid of all hints of pretension. The staff is friendly, the food is good, and you'll have an unforgettable dining experience. 

For Shopping Local

Smak Parlour - 219 Market Street

Smak Parlour Philadelphia
Smak Parlour

Smak Parlour is an Old City staple and shopping spot that will take your breath away. This boutique is styled like the pink dollhouses of your youth and offers an amazing range of fun apparel and decor from indie and in-house designers. And trust me, after shopping at Smak Parlour, you’ll never return to Forever21 again.

Why you should go: Accessories that will make every outfit pop
Walking into Smak Parlour is like walking into the closet of your dreams and if your dream closet is anything like mine, it’s stacked with just about every accessory possible. If you need help styling your next going out outfit, flag down any of the impeccably dressed employees.  

Philadelphia Independents - 35 N 3rd Street

Philadelphia Independents - Old City Fest 2016
Philadelphia Indepedents at Old City Fest 2016

It’s never too early to start holiday shopping and Philadelphia Independents will help you knock a few things off that list early. Located on 35 N 3rd St, Philadelphia Independents is a retail gift store that exclusively spotlights handmade items from the best talent in the city. You can find home decor, jewelry, apparel, and stationery amongst other things at Philadelphia Independents. My personal fav is the pretzel tote.

Why you should go: Support businesses and support local art
Philadelphia Independents makes it easy to support local business and local artist. Every perfectly curated item in Philadelphia Independents is amazing and I believe that every Philadelphian should have a piece or two from this cozy store.

Fason De Viv - 228 Arch Street

Fason De Viv at Old City Fest
Fason De Viv at Old City Fest 2016

Old City isn’t just fancy restaurants and galleries. For fashion lovers, a trip to Old City means new clothes. If you’re looking for an outfit that is both trendy and one of a kind, you need to stop by Fason De Viv. Named after the Haitian Creole word for ‘Lifestyle’, Fason De Viv is all about giving women the shopping experience and clothes that make them feel invincible.

Why you should stop by: Your fall wardrobe will thank you
If you’re looking for quality pieces that will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe then stop in and say 'Hi' to owner and style expert Hanifah. She'll give you an inside look at important trends to keep in mind and how to wear pieces several different ways. 

For History & Culture 

The Betsy Ross House -  239 Arch Street

The Betsy Ross House at Old City Fest 2016
Old city Fest The Betsy Ross House

Old City ain’t called Old City for nothing. There is so much history here in Philadelphia and Old City is the best place to experience it. The Betsy Ross House, known to the rest of the nation as the birthplace of the American flag, opens it’s doors to you this Old City Fest. Experience what life was like in Philadelphia in the 18th century and snap a selfie with Betsy.

Why you should go: The chocolate
Philadelphia's love of chocolate is as old as Betsy Ross herself. This Sunday, Mars Chocolate North America will be at The Betsy Ross House schooling visitors on the rich history of chocolate making and chocolate eating. You’ll have an opportunity to taste, touch, and see the process of creating delicious chocolate. When you’re there make sure to say hello to 18th century Philadelphia chocolate maker Mary Crathorne who will share all of her chocolate related tales. 

Arch Enemy Arts - 109 Arch Street

Arch Enemy Arts at Old City Fest 2016
Arch Enemy Arts

It's an unspoken rule - you can’t go to Old City without stopping in at least one of its many art galleries. My recommendation would hands down be Arch Enemy Arts. Founded in 2012, Arch Enemy Arts is Philly's hottest gallery dedicated to exhibiting emerging and established artists, both local and international. At their core, the folks at Arch Enemy Arts are all about showcasing the best in contemporary, urban, pop-surrealism art.

Why you should stop by: New art - hot off the presses
Starting Oct. 7th, two new exhibitions will be presented at Arch Enemy Arts. If you don’t have time to attend the group show on the 7th, Sunday is the perfect time to experience some never seen before art.

Other Things to Look Out For

There will be two fashion shows beneath the fall foliage of 3rd and Cherry Streets in front of MADE Institute’s Design Studio to highlight the innovation and sophistication that is Old City Fashion. Make sure you look out for Smak Parlour and Fason De Viv at the show!

This is only a small fraction of the places to see and things to do at Old City Fest. For more information, don't forget to head over to Old City District's website! Are you excited about Old City Fest 2016? Let me know below! 

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