Philly Art Collective (7th Installment)

When it comes to experiencing art, Philadelphia is exactly where you want to be. Don't believe me? Well, you clearly didn't attend the 7th Philly Art Collective show that went down Friday April 15th. From 7 pm to 11 pm some of the most talented artist from the greater Philadelphia Area convened for a celebration of art. As A Tribe Called Quest (RIP Phife Dawg) played in the background artist shared their paintings, sketches, zines, sculptures, prints, songs, and talents with a room full of excited art enthusiasts of all ages and races. If you're looking for art that's new, fresh, absolutely urban, and off the beaten path of the halls of museums, you're going to want to make it to the next installment, because this is where the next generation of great artists can be found. Check out some pictures from the event and be sure to follow Philly Art Collective on Instagram for details on the next show.